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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT on USA Network (18th December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 19, 2019 03:34 GMT

Will we have two new champions by the end of the night?


03:19 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

That's all from me tonight, my friends. Thank you so much for enjoying that with me. If I don't see you guys for the next episodes of Raw and NXT, I hope you all have a great holiday and I'll see you in 2020!

Thanks to ALL of you for supporting us throughout the year, giving us your feedback on what we're doing right, doing wrong, or just doing... weirdly. We have a good feeling that next year is going to be even more amazing.

Have a great night, everyone!

03:15 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Again... wow. That was an incredible show. Every match was, at the very least, really good. What did you guys think? Let us know via Twitter at @HeyImKevinSully or @SKProWrestling.

03:13 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Rhea Ripley defeats Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship
Pete Dunne defeats Travis Banks
Io Shirai defeats Santana Garrett
Cameron Grimes defeats Kushida
Damien Priest defeats Killian Dain
Adam Cole retains his NXT Championship against Finn Balor

03:10 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Let's get a look at those matches. Wow. What a night.

03:09 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

The crowd is in the ring! They're holding Rhea up on their shoulders! Dozens of fire code violations are being committed! 

03:08 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

03:08 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszler fights out of Ripley's own submission move and kicks Rhea into the corner. Has her in superplex position.

Ripley gets Baszler up and SECOND ROPE RIPTIDE.

Ripley wins! Ripley wins! Ripley wins! The coin was right! The coin was right! Good job, coin!

RESULT: Rhea Ripley defeats Shayna Baszler to win the NXt Women's Championship

03:05 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Ref checks the arm of Ripley.... Ripley's eyes snap open and grabs the refs shirt.


03:04 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszler has the clutch in the middle of the ring! Rhea is on her feet and is nearly to the ropes!

Shayna pulls her back down.

03:03 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszler drops Rhea with a DDT on the chair. The ref is now up! The count!

Only two!

03:02 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszley goes for her sleeper on the arena floor, but Rhea fights her way out.

Shayna now throws a chair into the middle of the ring.

03:01 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Ripley just dropkicked Baszler into the referee. 

She gets the Riptide on the champ and the pin but the ref is out!

03:00 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

I just noticed that Rhea Ripley is wearing Christmas pants.

03:00 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Back from the break and Baszler is adding even more damage to Rhea's arm. They even had a doctor look at it during the break. She was deemed fit to continue, but it's a nice touch.

02:56 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:56 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Shayna Baszler is like if the dentist scene from Marathon Man came to life and became a wrestler. Ow.

02:55 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszler's goons come rushing to ringside, which is enough of a distraction for Shayna to kick Rhea out of the ring.

Ripley manages to take both Horseladies out, but Baszler just... wow. she just stomped Rhea's elbow right onto the steel steps.

02:53 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Ripley with a superplex! That... doesn't get the three count, shockingly. :/

02:52 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Baszler smashes her knee into the corner after Ripley dodges a charge, then an Electric Chair that drops Shayna face first into a turnbuckle.

02:51 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:50 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Well, blink and you miss it. Baszler not only swung the advantage back her way, but now she's working on Ripley's arm, getting her set up for one of her 1,004 submission moves she knows.

02:49 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:48 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Ripley has the advantage early on, tossing the champion into the corner with fury.

Speaking of fury, Mauro just made a Furiosa/Mad Max reference and I did that WAY earlier so try and keep up, Mr. Renallo I'm only joking I have the utmost respect for you call me

02:47 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:46 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:46 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:45 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

I like how the announcer speeds through the opening of the introductions so the crowd can't tell "ONE FALL!"

02:44 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Shayna Baszler now makes her way to the ring following a Goldberg-like "follow her from the dressing room, through backstage and to the ring" entrance.

02:44 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Rhea Ripley is in the ring and this crowd is NUTS about her. That's the definition of "over", right there.

02:43 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Next week on a special (pre-taped) NXT - Roderick Strong has an open challenge for his North American Championship, while Lio Rush and Keith Lee take on Damien Priest and Tony Neese. 

02:41 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:38 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

There's a Law & Order: SVU marathon coming up? Are there enough Law & Order: SVU episodes to actually do that?

02:38 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:37 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

We go from one Kiwi to another, as Dakota Kai is being interviewed in the back.

She reminds us all that no matter what happened AFTER her match with Mia Yim, she still won the match. And she's gonna beat everybody else and eventually become NXT Women's Champion.

02:36 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Dunne offers a sportsmanlike fist bump to Banks, who reciprocates. SPORTSMANSHIP

02:35 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:35 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Dunne reverses a superplex and THEN hits the Bitter End and this match is DUNNE... HAHAHAHAHAhaha ha heh... anyway....

RESULT: Pete Dunne defeats Travis Banks

02:34 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Dunne goes for the Bitter End after stomping Banks' head RIGHT into the mat, but Banks reverses it into a Kiwi Crusher and gets a 2-count

02:31 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Dunne with the X-Plex on Banks, but only gets a 2-count.

02:31 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:27 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

If you're reading along and you're on Twitter, shoot me a message at @HeyImKevinSully and tell me your predictions for the Ripley/Baszler match tonight. Unless you're really rude, I'll give you a follow back (assuming I'm not already)

02:25 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

If Banks found himself on the "main roster" just five years ago, he would have probably also found himself with a Frodo Baggins gimmick.

02:24 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:23 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

He's taking on Travis Banks, whose nickname is the "Kiwi Buzzsaw" but I swear she said the "Pee-Wee Buzzsaw" and I'm still laughing.

02:22 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Pete Dunne makes his entrance, looking as if he has no idea where he is.

02:22 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Coming soon... WORLD COLLIDE, aka The Powerman 5000 Show

02:21 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

02:20 (GMT)19 DEC 2019

Io with a moonsault and the victory

RESULT: Io Shirai defeats Santana Garrett
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