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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT on USA Network (2nd October 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 03, 2019 12:22 IST

Will we see Riddle be crowned as the new NXT Champion?


07:56 (IST)3 OCT 2019

07:52 (IST)3 OCT 2019

So, what did you guys think of NXT's first full two hour show on USA? Frankly, I loved it. But what did you guys think? Share your thoughts on Twitter to our account @SKProWrestling.

I'm waiting on the results article but other than that.... I'll see you guys on Friday for SmackDown on Fox! This should be fun!

Good night everybody!

07:50 (IST)3 OCT 2019

So, talking about NXT - say what you want about AEW's debut show's ending but... TOMASSO CIAMAPA, you guys! 

We all kind of thought that he'd come back to NXT as a face, we just weren't sure how. Now we're sure. He still gets to be the Blackheart - he can still even align with Gargano- and still be the same character and still be the face against Cole and the UE. I am SO stoked for next week.

07:44 (IST)3 OCT 2019

The Undisputed Era defeats the Street profits
Pete Dunne defeats Danny Burch
Shayne Baszler defeats Candice LaRae
Johnny Gargano defeats Shane Thorne
Io Shirai defeats Mia Yim
Adam Cole defeats Matt Riddle

07:40 (IST)3 OCT 2019

OK, let's go over the matches for tonight's AMAZING show

07:39 (IST)3 OCT 2019


07:38 (IST)3 OCT 2019


07:37 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Ford goes for a top rope splash, but Roderick Strong interferes.

O'Reilly pins ford and....

Undisputed Era retains their titles against Street Profits.

07:35 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Ford slams Fish into O'Reilly and Dawkins is free!

07:34 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Submission on Dawkins

07:34 (IST)3 OCT 2019

O'Reilly distracts the ref while Fish attacks Dawkins' leg

07:33 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Dawkins with an exploder suplex on O'Reilly

07:32 (IST)3 OCT 2019

No! This RedDRagon/Street Profits match is actually really good.

Ford with the hot tag and Dawkins is clearing the ring!

07:31 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Sorry, I got distracted... Jack Swagger something or other.....

07:19 (IST)3 OCT 2019

So, the Undisputed Era and the Street Profits are going at it, and I have no doubt this is going to be a great match.

But, it's a commercial. And I have to pee.

And Jon Moxley just showed up on Dynamite.

07:14 (IST)3 OCT 2019

"When I say Street, you say Profits!" "Street!" "...." "OH COME ON"

07:12 (IST)3 OCT 2019

STREET PROFITS! With that Wale guy! I don't know who that is. But I kinda like him.

07:08 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Not only did....

Pete Dunne defeat Danny Birch by pinfall but...


07:06 (IST)3 OCT 2019

BIRCH with a pop up powerbomb and a DDT but.... DUNNE KICKS OUT

07:04 (IST)3 OCT 2019

07:03 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Mauro Ranallo just made an Ice Cube "No Vaseline" reference and... I can't. I just can't.

I'm going to eat some string cheese really quick.

Also, Riho just won the AEW Women's Championship.

07:00 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Wait... was this announced earlier? 

Pete Dunne vs Danny Birch

Not complaining. This is AWESOME!

06:59 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Pete Dunne is here

06:55 (IST)3 OCT 2019

And Candice taps out at the end of an amazing match.

Not an amazing women's match.

An amazing match.

Result: Shayna Baszler defeats Candice LaRae 

06:52 (IST)3 OCT 2019

LARAE WITH SHAYNA'S OWN SUBMISSION MOVE... and she kicks out... but Candice hits a top rope bulldog!

06:51 (IST)3 OCT 2019


06:51 (IST)3 OCT 2019

So, we'e got another PIP commercial situation, so we're not going to get any major changes in the match until Dominoes Pizza and Frosted Flakes finishes talking to you.

06:49 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:48 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:47 (IST)3 OCT 2019

There's an awesome "New champ! Old champ!" chant going through the crowd, which I love.

06:46 (IST)3 OCT 2019

LaRae with a CodeBreaker like move onto the ring apron and then a couple of TOPE SUICICIDAS onto the champ! Shayna is on the ropes! (again, not literally)

06:45 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Paraphrasing but "Even Siberia is not as cold as the heart of Bazsler!"

06:44 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Jokes aside, this is a really good match.

LaRae is on the floor as Bazsler is stalking LaRae and KICKS CANDICE'S ARM RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS. OUCH!

06:42 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:42 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:42 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Oooh.... The Muppets.

06:41 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Well, I guess this cruise ad was important enough to kick out the PIP. Oh well.

06:40 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Baszler gets an early (and arrogant) advantage, but LaRae knocks her out of the ring.

And now we're watching a Batwoman TV show ad on one side of the TV and the match on the other.

I'm OK with that.

06:39 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Do you think Shayna's hench-ladies will get involved in the match tonight? Tweet us at @SKProWrestling

06:37 (IST)3 OCT 2019

I have been spelling "Shayna Baszler" wrong this entire time. I apologize to Shayna Baszler and people who don't like misspellings. 

06:36 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Now that we've seen Mr. Candice LaRae, we get the woman herself!

Candice is getting her shot at the NXT Women's Champions against Shayna Baszler. RIGHT NOW!

06:35 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:34 (IST)3 OCT 2019

06:33 (IST)3 OCT 2019

Gargano does the thing in the corner he used to do in DIY on Thorne and gets the pin.

Result: Johnny Gargano pin Shane Thorne

06:31 (IST)3 OCT 2019

THORNE GOES NUTS and smashes Gargano three times in the corner.

Thorne goes for the pin... close count, but Gargano kicks out

06:30 (IST)3 OCT 2019

We're through the first hour of NXT on USA and Gargano dives out of the ring and gives Thorne what for! (he hits him)

06:27 (IST)3 OCT 2019

So, I'm watching NXT - and loving it - along with you guys, but AEW Dynamite is on in the other room and it's REALLY WEIRD hearing Tony Schiavone announce wrestling again.

Anyway, Thorne has the advantage on Gargano as we get another PIP ad break

06:25 (IST)3 OCT 2019

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