WWE NXT Stand and Deliver (2nd April, 2022) - Rose retains NXT Women's title.

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What will happen at NXT Stand and Deliver?


19:40 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Full results for NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver (2nd April 2022).
Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez defeat Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne by pin to win NXT Women's Tag Team titles.
Cameron Grimes defeats Solo Sikoa, Grayson Waller, Santos Escobar, and Carmelo Hayes by retrieving NXT North American title.
Tony D'Angelo defeats Tommaso Ciampa by pin.
MSK defeats Imperium, the Creeds by pin to win NXT Tag Team titles.
Mandy Rose defeats Io Shirai, Kay Lee Ray, and Cora Jade by pin to retain NXT Women's title.
GUNTHER defeats LA Knight by pin.
Dolph Ziggler defeats Bron Breakker by pin to retain NXT Championship.

19:34 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Dolph tunes the band up for a Superkick, but Bron stands up like nothing happened. He hits a move, but Dolph counters out. He hits a thumb to the eyes and then a Superkick to pick up the win.
Result - Dolph Ziggler defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

19:33 (GMT)2 APR 2022

19:32 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Dolph hits a flying elbow off the top for two. Macho Man worthy flying elbow.

19:31 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Roode tries to help Dolph gather his composure, but Bron hits a torpe con giro to take them both out. He tosses Dolph Back into the ring and Roode into the steel steps. Dolph hits a ZigZag and the Famouser as Bron gets back into the ring. Bron kicks out.

19:30 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Dolph goes for a superkick but Bron catches it. He lands a thunderous spear that almost folds Dolph in half. He hoists Dolph up and hits the powerslam. Roode reappears and pulls Dolph out of the ring to break the count.

19:29 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Bron hits a top-rope Frankensteiner for a near fall. Bron goes for a move but Dolph hits him with a knee. Bron then hits a spear for a two-count. Dolph sends Bron out of the ring and hits a knee as Bron returns. Dolphie Poo gets a near fall.

19:26 (GMT)2 APR 2022

After a prolonged headlock, Bron breaks out and drops Dolph with a shoulderblock. He then hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for two.

19:22 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Dolph slows things down with a headlock in the middle.

19:21 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Ziggler slaps Bron before the bell. Each competitor gets a few shots early on. Bron clotheslines Ziggler and hits two belly-to-belly suplexes. He lines up in the corner for a move but Bob Todd Roode pulls at his legs. The ref ejects Roode. Bron walks him up the entrance. As he returns to the ring, Dolph goes for a Superkick but it is caught by Bron. He hits a throw before putting Dolph on the top. Dolph drops down to evade the move.

19:17 (GMT)2 APR 2022

19:15 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Cutting the new logos in half isn't as symbolic as when Bron cut the original black and gold X up.

19:14 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Dolph Ziggler and Bron Breakker both head to the ring. Breakker gets a chainsaw before hitting the ring. He cuts the X of NXT with the chainsaw.

19:09 (GMT)2 APR 2022

19:06 (GMT)2 APR 2022

19:06 (GMT)2 APR 2022

One of the several knocks on the new NXT is the lack of debuts or faces in the crowd like black-and-gold used to do.

19:06 (GMT)2 APR 2022

19:05 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Knight counters it with a Burning Hammer for a near fall. Knight goes to the top but GUNTHER stops him. He chops Knight in the back before dropping him off the turnbuckle. He hits a flying splash to pick up the win.
Result - GUNTHER defeats LA Knight by pin.

19:03 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Knight hoists GUNTHER onto the top turnbuckle, but as he climbs, GUNTHER chops him off. Knight manages to hit a quick superplex off the top while GUNTHER is still on the top. GUNTHER goes for a chop but KNIGHT catches it. They exchange chops for a few before GUNTHER locks in a Sleeper.

19:01 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Knight hits a slingshot shoulder block before stomping GUNTHER in the corner. Knight goes for an Angle Slam but GUNTHER blocks it. Knight counters and hits a power slam before dropping his elbow a la the Rock. 

19:00 (GMT)2 APR 2022

GUNTHER transitions into a Crossface. Knight gets out but is sent into the turnbuckle. Knight manages to hit a back body drop on GUNNY before getting dropped with a chop. GUNNY tries to hit a suplex, but Knight counters and hits a suplex on GUNTHER.

18:58 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Knight briefly gets back into it with a neck breaker, but GUNNY boots him down. He puts Knight in a Boston Crab.

18:58 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:56 (GMT)2 APR 2022

They lock up early on, ending with a GUNTHER slap to Knight. This enrages Knight and he drives GUNNY to the corner and stomps him down. They fall out of the ring, and GUNNY powerbombs Knight back first onto the apron. Knight gets back into the ring but the punishment continues.

18:54 (GMT)2 APR 2022

It's time for Sports vs. Entertainment, or the death of LA Knight's chest.

18:53 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:52 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Up next is the "moment we've all been waiting for" according to Mac Mitchell. Of course, as usual, InDex wins because there is no logic here. Dusia doesn't accept the loss, as expected. Honestly, if we are judging on outfits, Lumis looks like a goof. Dusia looks better.

18:47 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:46 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Jade hits Rose with a jumping knee. She hits Sliced Bread and an Impaler DDT but KLR breaks up the pin. KLR lines Jade up and hits the KLR Bomb on Jade. She goes to the top but Io pushes her off. She hits her moonsault but Rose hits her with a running knee to retain the title.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Cora Jade, Kay Lee Ray, and Io Shirai by pin.

18:44 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Rose goes to the top turnbuckle, but Io cuts her off. Io hits Rose with a Spanish Fly but Jade breaks the pin attempt up with a Senton. Phew.

18:43 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:43 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Rose and Jade are left, and Jade hits a Hurricanrana. She hits a Shining Wizard and a springboard stomp to Rose's gut. Jade hits a Code Red on KLR on the ring apron. That leaves Io and Rose, but Io hits a 619 on Jade. Io goes to the top and drops Rose with a dropkick. She hits double knees on Rose before hitting a German Suplex bridge for a near fall.

18:41 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Io and KLR battle in the ring as Wade says Io is perhaps the most dominant Women's Champion in the history of NXT. Not Asuka or Shayna Baszler. Shirai drops KLR with a Missile Dropkick. Rose throws Io out of the ring and gets a two-count. KLR locks Rose in a Koji Clutch as Io locks Jade in a Texas Cloverleaf sub. Jade breaks both subs by kicking Io off into the other two ladies.

18:39 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Rose lifts jade for a delayed suplex but has trouble keeping her up. She gets a near fall before stopping KLR and Io from returning to the ring. Jade hits a Cannonball on Rose, and KLR hits a torpe on Jade. Io then drops KLR with a moonsault, leaving Rose the freshest.

18:37 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:36 (GMT)2 APR 2022

KLR and Io take Jade and Rose out of action, leaving themselves to battle. They quickly shake hands but get into the action. They counter a few moves of each other. Io goes for a 619 but Rose pulls her out of the ring. She decks both women before singling out KLR. Jade also gets back into the ring. She rushes Rose and pounds on her. Rose drops Jade with a throw and then a modified pancake. Rose throws KLR out of the ring and onto Io.

18:34 (GMT)2 APR 2022

The three faces kick Rose out of the ring. KLR and Io team up on Cora, landing some tandem offense. Rose pulls Jade out of the ring, and KLR/Io land tandem suicide dives.

18:32 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:31 (GMT)2 APR 2022

At least Toxic Attraction is in unison with the black and neon yellow in their ring gear. The little things. Rose holds up the brand new NXT Women's Championship.

18:30 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Mandy Rose comes down on Wade Barrett's "Bad News Barrett" podium, accompanied by smoke. 

18:28 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:27 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Cora Jade comes out first with a bunch of skateboarding people. Darby must be mad cuz he's the only one who can use a skateboard in wrestling.

18:23 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Joe Gacy cuts the usual creepy promo saying he wants to unite people all the time, and not just after tragedies.

18:17 (GMT)2 APR 2022

18:16 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Everyone is down, so could the attackers show up? Julius tags Brutus in and he goes to the top. He literally hits a Cannonball as if he's jumping into a pool. It knocks everyone down outside the ring. Brutus puts Carter back into the ring and he tags Julius. He hits a slam for a near fall. Barthel and Aichner pull Julius out of the ring and he goes headfirst into the steel steps. Imperium hits their finisher to Brutus on the outside. They go for their finisher on Carter, but he counters out with a Hurricanrana. With Barthel still on the top, Lee drops him with headscissors. As he's falling down, Carter catches him and turns it into a powerbomb to pick up the win.
Result - MSK defeats the Creeds, Imperium by pin to win NXT Tag Team titles.

18:12 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Julius jumps up but Aichner catches him. He hits a squat Samoan Drop. Carter drops Imperium with a move over the top rope. Lee adds his handstand cartwheel torpe. Carter hits a Swanton off the top, followed by a spinning corkscrew plancha from Lee. Near fall for MSK. Julius climbs to the top and is suplexed on top of everyone.

18:10 (GMT)2 APR 2022

Aichner bodyslams Carter legs first into the bottom ropes. He drops Lee with a thunderous clothesline for a two count.

18:09 (GMT)2 APR 2022

MSK goes on a run, dropping Julius Creed. They hit Barthel with several moves including a stomp for a near fall. Barthel hits a kick in the corner on Lee. He then hits a flying elbow off the top before tagging Aichner in. They hit their tandem dropkick as Julius is laying over the middle ropes. 
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