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WWE RAW Live Results: Monday Night RAW Updates & Highlights (6th September 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 07, 2021 03:35 GMT

Will we see a title change at this week's RAW?


03:02 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

03:02 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Thanks for joining us today, join us again tomorrow for NXT. 

This week's episode of RAW had its low points as well as its high points. With that being the case, stay tuned for the full results from the night here. Until then, join Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone for the RAW review on the Legion of RAW. 

03:00 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:59 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Lashley slowly gets up, only to eat an RKO. Randy Orton stands tall at the end of the night. 

02:59 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:59 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Omos picks up Styles and carries him away. 

02:59 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Omos destroys Lashley, stopping his celebration with a chokeslam. 

02:58 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:58 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

MVP takes out Styles on the outside, but Styles fights back and destroys him. Omos throws Riddle over the table. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but misses. 
Lashley hits the spear.

Bobby Lashley and MVP defeat AJ Styles and Omos 

02:57 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:57 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

AJ takes both Lashley and Orton on the outside.

02:56 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Lashley takes the punishment to Omos, in the corner, knocking the breath out of him. 

Lashley goes for a suplex, but Omos reverses. Omos slams him down and kicks him out of the ring to the feet of Orton. 

02:55 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

AJ hits Lashley with the Pelle Kick and tags in Omos. 

02:54 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:54 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

MVP is a crowd favourite in his home town. 

Bobby Lashley comes in and works on AJ, dropping him on his face. 

02:52 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:52 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Styles hits the Styles Clash, and it's over. 

AJ Styles and Omos defeat The New Day

Bobby Lashley and MVP are in next. 

02:52 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:51 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

The fight continues as Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on AJ, but Omos breaks up the pin. 

02:46 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Omos and Kofi are in, but Omos lays Kofi out, throwing him out. 

02:46 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:45 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:45 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Woods manages to throw Styles out of the ring. He tries to get to Kofi but Styles is back in. Both men are down with double clotheslines. 

02:42 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Omos tags in and starts to punish Woods and his back. 

02:41 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

AJ Styles is working on the back of Woods throughout the match, punishing him for having the temerity to stand up to him. 

02:35 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:35 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Woods knocks down Mansoor and sends him into Mustafa. He hits Mansoor with the superplex. Near-fall by Woods. 

Mansoor stops attacking Woods because he's hurt, but Ali is furious and tags himself in. 

Woods gets the tag and hits the crossbody on Ali. He takes out Mansoor and Ali hits him with the superkick. 

He goes for the 450, but Kofi moves and hits the Trouble in Paradise. Woods hits the rope-walk elbow on Mustafa. 

The New Day defeat Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

AJ Styles and Omos are out next. 

02:32 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Kofi is isolated by Mustafa and Mansoor. Kofi hits the SOS and goes for the tag. 

02:31 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

It's time to end the tag team turmoil match.

New Day vs Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

02:24 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:22 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Reggie dives into the whole roster and takes them all out. 

But he's interrupted from behind by Drake Maverick. 

R-Truth and Drake Maverick come face to face. 

Maverick is back in the title run. 

02:21 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:21 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Akira Tozawa vs Reggie for the 24/7 title

Reggie takes no time in taking out Tozawa, flipping him over, and pinning him. 

02:14 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:13 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Alexa wants a title match, Charlotte accepts. They will face each other in the future.

02:12 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Alexa asks Charlotte what it's like to stay cooped up with an out of control lunatic, and then says of course she does, since she's a Flair.

Alexa then says since Charlotte is not coming to them, they will come to her. 

Lights go dark and Alexa and Lilly appear in the ring. 

02:11 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:11 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Alexa invites Charlotte to her playground. 

02:10 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Shayna Baszler causes a distraction, which allows Charlotte Flair to take out Nia Jax, and just like that, Charlotte retains. 

Charlotte Flair defeats Nia Jax

02:09 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:09 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Shayna and Nia come face to face on the outside. There's some miscommunication there. 

Nia tries to take out Charlotte, knocks her back and hits a clothesline against the turnbuckle. 

02:08 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Charlotte goes to the top rope and hits a Moonsault on Nia, taking her out. 

02:04 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

02:03 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Charlotte tries to walk away with the title, but Nia attacks her. 

02:02 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

Shayna causes a distraction and Charlotte and Nia start brawling. 

02:01 (GMT)7 SEP 2021

RAW Women's Championship Match: Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair
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