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WWE RAW Results, 3rd December 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 04, 2018 10:54 IST

What will happen on a potentially exciting episode of RAW this week?


09:32 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Ember finally tagged in Ronda Rousey who came in like a house on fire. Rousey unloaded on Tamina and Moon came in and took care of Nia Jax. Rousey then hit Tamina with a Judo Throw and Moon followed it up with The Eclipse.

Rousey now had Tamina where she wanted her and locked in the Armbar for the submission victory.

Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon def. Tamina and Nia Jax

09:31 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Jax and Tamina were in control after the break. They had Ember Moon cornered. Tamina used a distraction from Nia Jax to clock Ember with a superkick to the chin

09:26 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Nia Jax and Tamina vs Ember Moon and Ronda Rousey

Nia and Tamina attacked Rousey as soon as she entered the ring, not even waiting for the bell to ring. Ember Moon ran out and turned the tables singled handedly amd Rousey put of the finishing touch by booing Jax out of the ring as we headed to commercial.

09:12 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Back in the ring, Balor took advantage of the melee outside and hit Jinder with a slingblade and followed it up with the Coup de Grace for the win.
Finn Balor def. Jinder Mahal

09:11 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Balor dominated most of this match until the Singh Brothers got involved. Samir Singh pushed Balor off the top turnbuckle as he went for the Coup de Grace. Apollo Crews came out at this point for some reason and took out the Singh Brothers. Jinder dispatched Apollo with a superkick.

09:10 (IST)4 DEC 2018

09:05 (IST)4 DEC 2018

09:02 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal

09:01 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Slater walks back dejected and asks Corbin if there's anything he could do for Rhyno. Corbin tells him that he can do his job and gives him a new role - a referee.

08:58 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:57 (IST)4 DEC 2018

There's initial hesitation but Rhyno starts attacking Slater. The match is quite a quick one and they have an initial back and forth and Slater pushes him into the turnbuckles..and...pins him?

Heath Slater def. Rhyno 

Rhyno is fired from RAW

08:54 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Heath Slater vs Rhyno 

Winner stays on RAW, losers gets fired from RAW

08:48 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:48 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:43 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:42 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:42 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:42 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Rollins music hit and he came out of the crowd and took out the SWAT guys before turning his attention to Ambrose. Rollins and Ambrose brawled amongst the fans before Rollins tossed Ambrose into the ring area again.

Rollins went to leap off the barricade and onto Ambrose but Dean hit him with a gas mask and followed it with the Dirty Deeds.

08:39 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:37 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Ambrose says that Rollins always wanted to be in control and he couldn't stand it anymore, so he stood alone now. The Lunatic Fringe added that Rollins would slip up at TLC and finally lose control of himself and his emotions. Dean also predicted that Rollins would lost the IC Championship.

08:34 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Dean Ambrose is out next wearing a gas mask and with a SWAT team accompanying him. Ambrose says that he can't be too careful in a place like Houston, Texas. Ambrose then calls out Rollins for attacking him earlier before taking a shot at the fans themselves.

08:33 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:33 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:28 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:23 (IST)4 DEC 2018

AOP then hit Roode and Gable with the Super Collider. Drake Maverick then pinned Roode for the win.

Authors of Pain def. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

08:22 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:22 (IST)4 DEC 2018

AOP went out and attacked Roode just as he was on the verge of pinning Drake Maverick. Gable made his way out despite the beating earlier on but was taken out. 

08:21 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Bobby Roode vs Drake Maverick

If Roode wins this, he and Gable get a title shot.

Acting GM Corbin, drunk with power, turned the match into a 3 on 2 handicap match after AOP destroyed Gable backstage.

08:18 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:15 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:15 (IST)4 DEC 2018

08:12 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Corbin says that they'll have a match to decide who stays on RAW

08:11 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Jinder Mahal is backstage busy sucking up to Baron Corbin before leaving. Corbin calls in Heath Slater and Rhyno. He says he's crunched the numbers and come to a conclusion. He says there's only enough room on RAW for one of them. Corbin suggests one of them quits and save the other. 

08:09 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Elias replied by sending Lashley face-first into the entrance-tron. Balor then tosses Lio Rush in front of Elias and The Drifter smashed him with his guitar.

08:07 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Lashley poses for the audience before taunting Elias. Elias charges at Lashley with the guitar but gets kicked in the gut for his troubles.

08:06 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Elias starts to play, but Lio Rush and his annoying voice interrupt. He's out with Lashley and says the spotlight belongs to The Almighty Bobby Lashley.  He starts hyping Lashley for TLC...and his body of course.

08:05 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Elias is out next.

07:58 (IST)4 DEC 2018

After Balor rolled Drew back into the ring, Balor hit McIntyre with a dropkick into the barricade. Drew barely managed to beat the 10-count. Ziggler immediately hit him with a superkick as soon as he rolled into the ring and pinned him. This was McIntyre's first singles loss on the main roster since his return.

Dolph Ziggler def. Drew McIntyre

07:57 (IST)4 DEC 2018

07:55 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Ziggler briefly manages some offence, leaping at McIntyre from the apron. His momentum didn't last long as McIntyre hit him with an Atomic Drop onto the barricade.

07:54 (IST)4 DEC 2018

McIntyre continues his dominance after the break as Finn Balor watches on from ringside.

07:50 (IST)4 DEC 2018

07:50 (IST)4 DEC 2018

07:48 (IST)4 DEC 2018

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler started off strong with a headbutt to McIntyre but it all went wrong from there. MIntyre ragdolled Ziggler around the ring before taking a mic and threatening to treat him like Finn Balor. McIntyre sent Ziggler back-first into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring.

Finn Balor made his way out at this point as WWE cut to commercial.

07:44 (IST)4 DEC 2018

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