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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (3rd June 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 04, 2019 03:07 GMT

Who will Brock Lesnar walk out as the new Universal Champion?


03:07 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

03:03 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Thank you for joining us on RAW! We'll see you tomorrow night for SmackDown Live!

03:02 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

03:02 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

The Undertaker sends a stern message to Goldberg, telling him that he wants to see the mythical Goldberg, and not the family man. He tells Goldberg that if he brings less than a 100%, this match will be his last. He ends it by saying "YOU'RE NEXT"

02:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:52 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:52 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Cesaro pulls out a table from underneath, but finds that R-Truth is under the table! What! Cesaro seems shocked and Ricochet dropkicks him. Soon enough, the roster starts chasing as Carmella looks for a way out.

Cedric Alexander does Truth a favour by taking everyone out via a suicide dive. Truth is ambushed but Drake Maverick comes from behind. Carmella superkicks Maverick and they escape! What a segment!

02:49 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Cesaro sends Ricochet halting with an uppercut. Cesaro screams "You'll never beat me" but Ricochet slaps him. Ricochet nearly pins him quickly but fails. Ricochet manages to press his entire body against Cesaro and picks up the win. What a match!

Ricochet def. Cesaro

Cesaro attacks Ricochet from behind post-match

02:48 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Ricochet evades a charge from Cesaro, but The Swiss Cyborg drives Ricochet into the mat with a suplex from the second turnbuckle. Ricochet shows off his core strength and their counters are freaking INSANE!! But Ricochet finds himself in the Cesaro Swing!

02:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Ricochet sends Cesaro outside. He climbs the barricade and nearly loses his footing but manages to splash on Cesaro.

02:41 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

It's the athleticism of Ricochet vs the power of Cesaro. Ricochet jumps over Cesaro and tries to hit the hurricanrana on him, but Cesaro catches him and slams him down.

02:39 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Ricochet vs Cesaro

02:33 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:33 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Triple H says they're just "so big" that it's a burden carrying it around. He tells Orton that he wouldn't know anything about it, because he never had any. 

*Mic drop*

02:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Triple H says that a lot of people have tried to put him down...but they're all gone. Orton isn't the one, according to him. Orton asks Triple H to promise him that he'll retrieve his balls from Stephanie's purse.

02:30 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Triple H isn't interested in getting into a physical altercation to drum up interest. Triple H tells him to look past the suit, because he's going to Jeddah to kick Orton's a**. Orton simply says "I'm not Batista"

02:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Instead of chanting for Triple H, the crowd chants "NXT". Triple H acknowledges it, saying "I'm here to talk about Randy Orton". Orton's music immediately hits

02:24 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Triple H is out for a face-to-face with Randy Orton prior to their match at Super ShowDown

02:19 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:19 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins is escorted in a stretcher into an ambulance. Becky Lynch is alongside him and enters the ambulance

02:08 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

02:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Lesnar goes back in the ring and attacks Rollins with a steel chair and walks away

02:05 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Heyman seems to be panicking over the fact that he isn't cashing in. Lesnar simply says "Friday" and walks away

02:03 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Brock Lesnar hits a low-blow and an F-5 followed by a German Suplex. Lesnar is inflicting maximum punishment. He hits a bone-crushing F5 on Rollins.

Heyman begs Lesnar to cash in, but Lesnar says "not now"

02:02 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Corbin says that Rollins is all fired up, but for the wrong guy. Corbin brags about retiring Kurt Angle and says he wouldn't mind retiring Rollins as well. They get into a brawl and Rollins is in mood. He launches himself outside with a missile suicide dive, and as soon as he re-enters the ring, Lesnar's music hits. Corbin hits an End of Days from behind. Lesnar's music hits for the third time and this time-  he's out

01:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins wants Brock Lesnar...but he gets Baron Corbin, the #1 contender instead.

01:58 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:58 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins is out and begins his speech, saying he knew he had a target on his back. Brock Lesnar's music hits but Lesnar isn't out. More mind games

01:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Alexa Bliss has coffee handed to her and Peyton Royce seems appalled by the fact that she's having COFFEE. Peyton knocks it out of her hand and Billie Kay makes her slip on the coffee. Embarrassed, she doesn't focus on the match anymore, not realizing that Nikki Cross managed to win because of what happened

Nikki Cross def. Peyton Royce

After the match, an outraged Alexa Bliss dropkicks Billie Kay from behind and then attacks her with a DDT. Nikki Cross raises her hand and we're really getting a babyface Bliss!

01:50 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Nikki Cross catches Peyton Royce with an elbow and throws her against the apron. She's all fired up and hits a running bulldog. But it's just two. Cross climbs up the turnbuckles and misses a crossbody

01:48 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Nikki Cross begins her unorthodox offence, jumping on Royce from behind. Royce takes her down and Cross seems to be busted open a bit in the mouth. Royce does a good job of grounding her.

01:47 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:46 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) vs Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

Peyton Royce kicks Nikki Cross down and presses her with her knee against the ropes.

01:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Carmella is backstage searching for R-Truth. Drake Maverick and EC3 follow her along with a referee

01:38 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:38 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:38 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Lashley's hand slips and they go at it again, this time chalking their hands up a little bit. Strowman eventually wins the contest, slapping Lashley after winning. Lashley throws chalk on his face and hits the running powerslam on Strowman!

01:35 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

01:35 (GMT)4 JUN 2019

Lashley tries to play mindgames and Strowman topples the table over
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