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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after Extreme Rules 2019 (15th July 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 16, 2019 03:10 GMT

What will be the fallout from WWE Extreme Rules 2019?


03:01 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Paul Heyman tries to give him a proper winner's announcement. Seth Rollins tells Paul Heyman to shut up. He vows to become the Universal Heavyweight Champion! Lesnar is incensed and walks towards the ring with a steel chair. He slams the ring apron with it and walks away! What an episode. Thank you for joining us tonight!

02:59 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Randy Orton is poised for an RKO. He looks towards Lesnar. He misses an RKO and eats a curb stomp. ROLLINS ELIMINATES HIM!

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar is official as the SummerSlam main event

02:57 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins carefully looks on to Reigns and Strowman and the Monster Among Men starts bulldozing through them. Reigns tries to spear Strowman but he side steps and Rollins eats the spear! Roman Reigns almost gets eliminated but then comes close to eliminating Strowman. ROLLINS ELIMINATES THEM BOTH! Rollins thinks he's won but Orton is still there! He tries to eliminate Rollins but fails.

02:55 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

It's Baron Corbin against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the ring. All of them hate him! They all attack him and Rollins sends him out! That must have felt good!

02:54 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Sami Zayn eats an RKO and a 619 before getting eliminated by Orton. Roman Reigns then eats a 619 and nearly eliminates Orton but instead throws him between the ropes. Corbin eliminates Mysterio.

02:53 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Bobby Lashley gets eliminated by Braun Strowman. Right after, he has a confrontation with Big E. This is a battle of powerhouses and Roman Reigns looks on carefully. Sami Zayn tries taking Reigns out but fails. BIG E LIFTS STROWMAN! HE DELIVERS A BIG ENDING! And then he eats an RKO! Sami Zayn eliminates Big E!

02:52 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The battle royal begins!

Corbin and Rollins go at it and it's CESARO who's on absolute FIRE! He's uppercutting everyone and nearly eliminates Mysterio, but Big E focuses on Cesaro instead. Lashley splashes on Cesaro and ELIMINATES HIM!

02:47 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

02:46 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The Battle Royal is about to begin and Brock Lesnar is out on the ramp with a steel chair. He sits on it and we're set to begin!!

02:36 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Maverick and his wife are finally going to consummate their marriage and the referee knocks on the door for the champagne and Maverick recognizes him. Mind you, he's wearing ONLY the 24/7 title. Truth sneaks in from under the table and pins Maverick. Renee Michelle is screaming while Maverick looks in disbelief. THIS IS AMAZING

02:28 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Dolph Ziggler got a rise out of The Miz

02:26 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The Miz TV with Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler requested to be on the show and he's here to tell Miz that he's become everything that he's hated and that now he's just a Yes Man. He even takes a shot at Maryse and gets beaten down by The Miz. Humiliation again.

02:21 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Miz TV with Dolph Ziggler is next!

02:19 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Natalya's post-match interview got tense. Picture via Nicky Pags

02:17 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

02:17 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Natalya is happy about the fact that she gets to face her friend in her home country of Canada, but Becky Lynch doesn't reciprocate. Becky Lynch says that her career needs something and that she's it. She warns Nattie to bring it or else she'll wipe the floor with her. Lynch says that if she's learned anything, she does better in war than love. Natalya says that she must not be a very good lover and that Natalya, she'll use her orange hair as a mop.

This is not a friendly rivalry!

02:14 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Natalya and Alexa Bliss have a really good battle in the end and Natalya ends up tapping her out with a sharp shooter.

Natalya eliminates Alexa Bliss

Natalya will challenge for the RAW Women's Championship at SummerSlam

Becky Lynch vs Natalya is official

02:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Naomi attacks Natalya from the ring apron and a split kick to Bliss. Natalya manages to pin and eliminate Naomi.

Naomi was eliminated by Natalya

02:05 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

02:05 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Naomi catches Bliss with a scorpion kick and Bliss starts wearing Naomi down.

02:03 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Naomi counters Bliss and nearly pins her. Natalya comes back in and attacks Bliss before going right after Naomi. Natalya had Naomi locked in that surfboard position. Bliss almost pinned Naomi but they managed to kick out. That was clever from Bliss!

02:00 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

After the break, Naomi hits a blockbuster on the steps outside. She's taking her own sweet time and Alexa Bliss attacks her from behind. She slows her down with a headlock.

01:55 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:54 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Alexa Bliss starts going after Naomi and they get neutralized via clotheslines to each other.

01:52 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Carmella has a head scissors and takes out Naomi from the top turnbuckle. Carmella hits the Mella-go-round on Natalya and foolishly showboats, with the commentators agreeing that it isn't a wise idea. Carmella hits a superkick and she's ELIMINATED!

Alexa Bliss eliminates Carmella

01:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Alexa Bliss starts off by attacking Natalya and she slaps Naomi, who chases her outside. Natalya and Naomi have a standdown and they're really bringing it to one another. Stalemate so far as Alexa Bliss stands outside, waiting to capitalize. Carmella pulls her leg and tries to pin both Natalya and Naomi, but keeps failing.

01:48 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The Man is here!

01:48 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Will Carmella get back into contention?

01:47 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross waiting before the F4W

01:45 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Alexa Bliss vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Carmella - #1 contenders match for the RAW Women's Championship

01:43 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:35 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Kalisto still ends up getting caught with the boot of doom. Dorado is taken out. Styles submits Kalisto with a calf crusher.

AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson def. The Lucha House Party

01:33 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Anderson is in control of Lince Dorado and he gets beaten down up until Kalisto gets the tag. Kalisto brings the fire to the former tag team champions and comes close to pinning Anderson. They take out Gallows & Anderson, launching themselves outside

01:29 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:28 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Chaos soon breaks and Ricochet comes out and beats Styles down. We head into a commercial break and we're being told that Styles is cutting a promo.

01:26 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Gran Metalik begins the action of Karl Anderson. Anderson strikes him down but Metalik uses his smoothness on the ropes and agility to counter Anderson's offence. Gallows tags in and decimates Metalik

01:24 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

AJ Styles and Gallows & Anderson vs The Lucha House Party

01:19 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:18 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Zack Ryder is in action and is ready to face Mike Kanellis. Kanellis is going in but Maria goes, saying that she'll take the match instead and might as well because Mike is a loser. The referee doesn't allow her so Mike Kannelis runs in, only to get pinned in 2 seconds.

Zack Ryder def. Mike Kanellis

01:17 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle are checking into their hotel and he registers them as "Mrs. & Mr. 24/7 Champion". He bribes the receptionist and pays with hard cash and gets the best champagne.

After he goes up with her, R-Truth is seen behind with a referee. He asks if they have a guest called Hornswoggle.

01:11 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

It's him!

01:10 (GMT)16 JUL 2019


01:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

01:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail! The laugh is heard and he is OFFICIALLY BACK!!!

01:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The music halts....the lights go off and Balor is puzzled. Can it be?

The lights are back on...the mask is on...and it IS BRAY WYATT! It's BRAY FREAKING WYATT WITH THE SISTER ABIGAIL!

01:05 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

The match between Balor and Joe ends in very quick fashion. There's a back and forth first and Balor gets pinned with his shoulders down!

Samoa Joe def. Finn Balor

Samoa Joe attacks him right after but Finn Balor fights back, hitting the coupe-de-grace and standing tall

01:01 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

Zack Ryder's dad is ringside

01:00 (GMT)16 JUL 2019

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