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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Huge face turn for returning star, Top Champion forgets line during promo (10th March, 2023)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 11, 2023 03:03 GMT

Check out the live results from WWE SmackDown this week.


03:03 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Thank you for joining our coverage of Friday Night SmackDown! We're weeks away from WrestleMania 39 and we will see you next for Monday Night RAW. Just a reminder that going forward, all WWE programming starts one hour earlier than usual! Thank you and good night/morning/evening wherever you are!

03:01 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

03:00 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:59 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:59 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Jimmy rushes to the aid of his brother but Sami Zayn. Cody seems to have trouble getting rid of his shirt. The segment ends with the duo clearing The Usos and standing tall. Cody stands tall with Sami Zayn as the show ends!

02:58 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Cody doesn't care. He removes his jacket, and Sami Zayn comes out of nowhere and attacks Jey. Cody gets in the mix and the brawl begins. Sami takes Jimmy to the announce desk and they brawl, while Cody is brawling with Jey in the crowd

02:57 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Cody Rhodes asks why they don't just talk to him directly. He says The Usos answer to Roman Reigns, but he doesn't. He answers to the WWE Universe. He says that the fans would rather see them fight. Jimmy Uso threatens him and says if he takes a step closer, he won't make it to WrestleMania

02:56 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:56 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Jimmy Uso says that now that they've "gotten rid" of the Sami Zayn problem, there's only one problem left - and that's Cody Rhodes. He asks what Cody's issue is, and within a second, Cody Rhodes' theme song plays

02:55 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Jey Uso blames Sami Zayn. He calls Sami Zayn selfish, and says that all he had to do was fall in line, but he doesn't know anything about that because he's not blood and never will be

02:54 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:53 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Jey Uso says he never had a choice because Jimmy Uso is his family and not Sami Zayn, nor any of the crowd

02:52 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

He tells everybody to step in his shoes and asked what they would do in his position

02:52 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:51 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

The two brothers are in the ring and Jey Uso is finally going to talk about what happened. Huge "Sami" chants break out, throwing Jey off for a second

02:49 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

It's time for the final segment of the night. The Usos are out!

02:44 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte says that "it's a fact" that she wants it more. She seems to have forgotten her line but continues and tells her opponent that she may be "Rhea Bloody Ripley" but she will get past everybody but her. Bad promo sadly

02:43 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte Flair gets confronted by Ripley in the ring. Rhea Ripley takes the mic and says that watching Charlotte reminds her of why she chose her at WrestleMania. She tells her to wipe out the smug look off her face, and says that she's going to take the one thing that makes her feel so important - the SmackDown Women's Championship

02:41 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Flair hits a spear and drags her opponent to the center of the ring, where she looks at Rhea Ripley right in the eyes and locks in the Figure-8 - making Shotzi tap out.

Charlotte Flair def. Shotzi

02:40 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte is quickly in control again, hitting a fallaway slam and then a kip-up

02:39 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:39 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Rhea Ripley watches on as Charlotte Flair and Shotzi go back-and-forth. Shotzi has the advantage for the time being but fails to pin the Queen

02:35 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Rhea and Charlotte stare each other down as we go to break

02:35 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte Flair has control on her from behind. Rhea Ripley then interrupts. Shotzi tries to pin her off the distraction but Charlotte kicks out and hits a beautiful German Suplex

02:34 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte Flair outpowers Shotzi from the get-go, with the two paying some respect before the match. Shotzi sends Charlotte flying with a cool hurricanrana but fails to get her in a pinning predicament.

02:32 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Charlotte Flair vs Shotzi

Shotzi returns for the first time in three weeks!

02:26 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Gunther confronts Adam Pearce about failing to identify his next "perfect" challenger for him at WrestleMania. He says "challenger" is single. Gunther berates Pearce, who sets up Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus next week to determine his next challenger at WrestleMania.

02:24 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Valhalla seems to have put some sort of a "spell" on Ricochet. What was that about?

02:24 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

He misses Erik because Valhalla dragged him out of the way. Strowman went flying past the announcer's desk. Valhalla creepily walks towards him and he goes away, getting on the top turnbuckle but missing. Ivar hits a spinning kick and then a top rope splash. It's too much for Ricochet and The Raiders win, thanks to the help of Valhalla.

The Viking Raiders def. Braun Strowman and Ricochet

02:22 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Braun Strowman finally tags in and he's going BERSERK! He takes out Erik and Ivar, even hitting a dropkick. He makes the tag to Ricochet as he streamrolls through Ivar!

02:21 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:21 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Ricochet is somehow still in this. He topples Ivar down with a flip, but Erik stops him in his tracks.

02:20 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Erik and Ivar are in control of Ricochet. Ivar confronts Strowman, which is a ploy to distract him while Ivar holds his leg. Erik knocks Strowman down while Ivar SPLASHES on Strowman against the barricade. Ricochet is finally in a position to tag him but there's nobody there. He puts Erik in a FIREMAN'S CARRY! Incredible strength

02:17 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

After the break, The Viking Raiders have complete control again!

02:14 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Ivar gets tagged in and Ricochet holds his own against the more powerful star. He flips over his body and gets a takedown and avoids Ivar's splash. Braun Strowman gets tagged in and he sends Ivar OUT as well as Erik. He launches Ricochet INTO the Raiders. That was beautiful!

02:12 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Ricochet starts things off against Erik

02:11 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Ricochet and Braun Strowman vs The Viking Raiders is up next!

02:10 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

02:09 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Adam Pearce welcomes Charlotte Flair in the office. She says that it's WrestleMania season and wants "ANY" match possible. He tells her he'll find her a suitable opponent, and she tells him to "hang in there"

02:04 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Dominik says he should have been Eddie Guerrero's son, and Rey tells him that he didn't mean it. He shoves his father down and tries to go for the attack but Rey ducks down and Dominik goes outside the ring. Rey says he won't fight him no matter what, and Dominik says "he will"

02:03 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

After the match, Dominik makes the rest of TJD go away and says he wants to have a one-on-one talk with his father Rey Mysterio. He gets huge "you suck" chants. Dominik says he doesn't understand why he's being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, when the only Hall of Fame he should be inducted into is the "Deadbeat Dad HoF"

02:02 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Dominik hits a baseball slide to Rey Mysterio at ringside and Cruz Del Toro takes advantage. Del Toro had Dominik pinned but the ref was distracted and Damian Priest comes in and breaks it up with a superkick. The referee comes in and Dominik gets the pin.

The Judgment Day def. Legado Del Fantasma

02:00 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Raul Mendoza/Cruz Del Toro uses his skill to take out Damian Priest, with Escobar and Wilde taking him and Balor out. Zelina Vega tries to hit the hurricanrana but gets caught, and she gets thrown onto Wilde and Escobar

01:59 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Santos Escobar is in control as we return from the break.

01:56 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

01:55 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

The Judgment Day work on the quick-tag strategy, with Priest tagging in Balor, who gets one bit of offense in before tagging Dominik back in. Damian Priest and Finn Balor take out Del Toro and Santos Escobar as the match rolls on

01:54 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

LDF takes control of things. Joaquin Wilde gets the better of Balor, but The Judgment Day star is back in control quickly, tagging in Priest

01:53 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

01:53 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Finn Balor is tagged in and now in control

01:52 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio are taking control of Cruz Del Toro
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