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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results (December 30, 2022): John Cena returns, Charlotte Flair is back, Huge title change

WWE SmackDown Live Results (December 30, 2022): John Cena returns, Charlotte Flair is back, Huge title change

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 31, 2022 08:33 IST

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08:33 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:31 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:29 (IST)31 DEC 2022

John Cena and Kevin Owens hit stereo Five Knuckle Shuffles to both Reigns and Sami. Cena then hits Roman with the AA and KO follows it up with a Stunner to Sami and pins him. 1-2-3! It's a huge win for KO and John Cena.

John Cena and Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns and John Cena

08:27 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Roman hits back with a Superman Punch. The Tribal Chief goes for the Spear but crashes into the ring post. Cena finally tags in and he's all over both Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns.

08:26 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:26 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Kevin Owens goes for a cover but Roman breaks it up. The Tribal Chief then pulls Sami over to his corner and tags himself in. Owens catches Reigns with a superkick and follows it up with a Frog Splash for a nearfall.

08:25 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Cena is seconds away from making the tag but Roman Reigns pull him off the apron and sends him into the barricade. KO hits Sami with a superkick but both men are down.

08:24 (IST)31 DEC 2022

We're back from the break. KO is all over Sami Zayn but the Honorary Uce hits back with an overhead suplex. KO hits back with a clothesline and both men are down.

08:22 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:21 (IST)31 DEC 2022

We're in the last ad break now. The show should be back in a couple of minutes, don't go anywhere.

08:20 (IST)31 DEC 2022

The fans chant for John Cena but KO can't make the tag, Roman Reigns takes him out with a clothesline. Roman follows it up with an Uranage for a 2-count.

08:19 (IST)31 DEC 2022

John Cena and Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn

KO is all over Sami Zayn as the match starts. KO screams at Sami that he's embarrassing himself in front of the Tribal Chief. The buildng is full of "Sami" chants. Roman tags himself in and the Big Dog doesn't look happy.

08:16 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:16 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:13 (IST)31 DEC 2022

The Bloodline are in the ring and they look confident. They have the numbers advantage as usual. Can Cena and KO win the last WWE match of 2022?

08:10 (IST)31 DEC 2022

John Cena is out next and the arena has exploded. It's great seeing the Face That Runs The Place back where he belongs. Cena and KO hug as The Bloodline's music hits.

08:08 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Michael Cole with a very good point on commentary. KO started his main roster career fighting John Cena and he teams with Cena tonight. It's come full circle.

08:07 (IST)31 DEC 2022

It's almost time for the main event! Kevin Owens is making his way down to the ring! John Cena will be out next.

08:04 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:04 (IST)31 DEC 2022

08:03 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ricochet runs down to the ring with a steel chair to make the save and sends the IMPERIUM members scurrying out of the ring.

08:01 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Strowman charges at Gunther at ringside. The champ sends Strowman crashing through a barricade. Kaiser and Vinci grab Strowman as Gunther hits him with a steel chair. They then send him crashing into the steel steps. Gunther has an armbar locked in and tries to break it.

07:59 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Braun Strowman interrupts proceedings and makes his way down to the ring. Strowman grabs a mic and wants a title match. He takes out Kaiser and Vinci.

07:57 (IST)31 DEC 2022

IMPERIUM are in the ring. Kaiser and Vinci say no one in WWE will take the IC title from Gunther. We now see footage of his IC title reign.

07:53 (IST)31 DEC 2022

07:46 (IST)31 DEC 2022

07:42 (IST)31 DEC 2022

07:41 (IST)31 DEC 2022

We catch up with Roman, Sami, The Usos and Solo in the dressing room. Sami wants to be on the same page ahead of their match against John Cena and KO. Sami asks him if it bothered Roman when the fans chanted Sami at him last week. Roman says no and Sami is ready for a big win tonight.

07:39 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Ronda Rousey [for the SmackDown Women's Championship]

Charlotte immediately hits Ronda with a big boot and tries to follow it with a Spear. Ronda wrestles her down to the mat. Charlotte rolls Ronda up and wins the title!

Charlotte def. Ronda Rousey

07:37 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda says she's feeling spicy and seeminly accepts the challenge! Back to back title defenses from Ronda Rousey!

07:36 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Charlotte says that she's challenging Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship TONIGHT!

07:35 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda and Shayna are celebrating as Charlotte Flair's music hits! Charlotte is back!

07:34 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Raquel looks like she had the title won but Shayna breaks up the hold and gets ejected. Both women are perched precariously on the top turnbuckle. Ronda has an armbar locked in up there and both women crash into the mat, with Raquel tapping immediately. She may have injured her elbow further.

Ronda Rousey def. Raquel Rodriguez

07:31 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda Rousey hits back by locking in a sleeper hold. Raquel is fading and down on her knees. Ronda doesn't relent with the hold but Raquel drives her back-first into the turnbuckle and forces her to break the hold.

07:30 (IST)31 DEC 2022

We're back from the break as Raquel hits Ronda with a vertical suplex. Ronda hits back by wrenching the arm but Raquel deadlifts Rousey and hits a Fallaway Slam. Raquel is still clutching at her injured arm.

07:24 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Raquel is busted open at this point but she takes Ronda down with a nasty lariat with her injured arm. She goes for a cover but it isn't very effective.

07:22 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda is trying to lock in the armbar and continues to work over the left arm. Raquel is back on her feet and tries to fight back with her good arm as Ronda catches her with a right hand. Rousey with a suplex followed by a cocky pin for a 2-count.

07:19 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Raquel Rodriguez [for the SmackDown Women's Championship]

Ronda immediately goes after Raquel's injured left arm. Raquel hits back taking down Ronda with a series of shoulder tackles. Ronda rolls out to ringside but Raquel follows her and brings her back into the squared circle. Raquel is gathering sime steam now and hits a couple of splashes in the corner before missing a third and crashes out of the ring.

07:16 (IST)31 DEC 2022

It's Ronda Rousey vs Raquel Rodriguez next for the SmackDown Women's title.

07:05 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Sheamus has the Texas Cloverleaf locked in but one Uso distracts the referee while the other Uso pulls Solo to the bottom rope. The Usos and the Brawling Brutes go at it at ringside. Sheamus leaps off the top rope and takes everyone out. Solo capitalizes and sends Sheamus arm-first into the ringpost. Solo hits the Samoan Spike and picks up the win.

Solo Sikoa def. Sheamus

The Bloodline continues to punish Sheamus until Drew McIntyre returned and cleaned house.

07:02 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Both men trade strikes and Sheamus gets the better of the exchange. Sheamus smashes Solo across the chest repeatedly and goes for a Brogue Kick but he runs into a superkick. He immediately hits back with a knee strike but only gets a nearfall.

06:59 (IST)31 DEC 2022

We're back from the break. Solo is back on top but Sheamus is breaking free from the hold. Solo manages to wrestle Sheamus back down to the mat with his chin lock as The Usos look on. Sheamus hits a series of uppercuts to break free but Solo immediately hits a Samoan Drop to take back control.

06:55 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Sheamus vs Solo Sikoa

It back and forth early on but Solo manages to briefly take control of the match. He chokes Sheamus against the middle rope before the Brawling Brutes force him to break the hold. Solo charges at Sheamus but eats an elbow and gets sent crashing over the top rope. Solo seems to have lost his cool and grabs a steel chair. The Usos calm him down as we cut to commercial.

06:53 (IST)31 DEC 2022

06:51 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Up next, it's fight night! Sheamus is making his way down to the ring joined by the Brawling Brutes. He's followed out by Solo Sikoa who's accompanied by The Usos.

06:46 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman are backstage. Paul isn't that happy that the fans were chanting Sami's name when they were together in the ring. Sami asks if Roman said anything but Paul says it's best to say three steps ahead all the time. Paul then lets Sami enter The Bloodline's dressing room.

06:44 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt are now standing next to each other. Uncle Howdy hits Bray with the Sister Abigail. LA Knight is clearly freaked out and he leaves the ring. as Uncle Howdy makes his way back up the ramp and out of the arena.

06:41 (IST)31 DEC 2022

Bray likes the idea. He says he wants to remind the world how cruel he can be and accepts LA Knight's challenge for the Royal Rumble. The lights go off and we get a cryptic message from Uncle Howdy. Uncle Howdy then makes his way onto the entrance ramp.

06:40 (IST)31 DEC 2022

LA Knight calls Bray a loser and accuses him of paying his goons to dress up as Uncle Howdy. He then points out that the Royal Rumble is coming up soon and says he needs to make it special.
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