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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (23rd April 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 24, 2021 08:11 IST

Who will step up to challenge Reigns?


07:31 (IST)24 APR 2021

Thanks for following along with us, folks. We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW. 

07:29 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:29 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:26 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:26 (IST)24 APR 2021

Roman gets in Cesaro's face, stating that Cesaro hasn't earned a shot at the Universal Champion, and he's never been on his level. The champ issues the challenges around here, and tonight the challenge goes to Daniel Bryan. Next week, Bryan gets one last shot. Reigns says he doesn't like Bryan, that he's never liked Bryan. 

Bryan is hesitant, but Cesaro tells him that he has to take the shot. Reigns lays down another stipulation. If Roman wins, Bryan must leave SmackDown for good. Bryan doesn't take too long to think about it, accepting and stepping up to the Head of the Table.   

07:22 (IST)24 APR 2021

Cesaro and Daniel Bryan, once again, call out the Tribal Chief. Roman Reigns is, as always, flanked by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. 

07:21 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:17 (IST)24 APR 2021

The Mysterios team up to take out Gable, with Dom sliding under the ropes for a slingshot powerbomb into the barricade. WIth Otis knocked to the floor, Otis takes him out by driving him into a table. Rey rocks Gable with the 619 and the splash, earning another big win in the tag team division. 

Rey and Dominik Mysterio defeat Alpha Academy via pinfall. 

After the match, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan make their way to the ring. The two men congratulate Rey and Dom on their way down. 

07:14 (IST)24 APR 2021

Dominik has been unable to get to his father for several minutes. Between Otis and Chad Gable, he's getting torn to shreds. Gable hits a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes and sets up for the German. Dom escapes that final suplex and gets to Rey, who comes in like a house on fire. A Code Red plants Gable for the two-count. 

07:10 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:10 (IST)24 APR 2021

07:07 (IST)24 APR 2021

It's time for tag team action. Alpha Academy takes on The Mysterios. Dominik starts things off, and Otis is excited to get his hands on the young WWE Superstar. Otis lays out the high-flyer with a massive clothesline. A World's Strongest Slam flattens Dom into the mat, and as Rey pulls his son to the floor they're both laid out by the Dozer. 

07:03 (IST)24 APR 2021

Bianca meets Bayley face to face backstage, trying to get Bayley to say everything she said a few moments before. Bayley went down a different path and says she'll be honored to be the first one to challenge for Bianca's title. Of course, she comes back into frame to laugh in the champ's face. Never change, Bayley. Never change.   

07:00 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:58 (IST)24 APR 2021

Bayley talks trash about Bianca Belair, the woman she'll be challenging at WrestleMania Backlash. Te SmackDown Women's Champion's husband, Montez Ford, comes in with his phone on speaker. On the other line, Belair hears Bayley's words and states she's on her way to shut up the Role Model. 

06:55 (IST)24 APR 2021

A vignette of Aleister Black is shown, as the former NXT Champion reads a fairy tale to the WWE Universe titled "The Dragon." When Black was younger, he was raised to become the dragon and dismiss the common thinking of sheep. Black calls us all vile, claiming we should be scorched from the Earth. That's uh...a little rude, but I get it. 

06:53 (IST)24 APR 2021

This is not a drill! Aleister Black is back! 

06:52 (IST)24 APR 2021

Apollo Crews is seen celebrating by the men's locker room, believing he's made his ancestors proud for putting an end to Kevin Owens' title aspirations. Crews is blindsided by Big E, who lays him out before Commander Azeez can make the save. 

06:49 (IST)24 APR 2021

Paul Heyman meets Kayla Braxton backstage to drop a bombshell. By the end of tonight, Roman Reigns will address Cesaro's challenge. After all, the Tribal Chief is all about giving the people what they want. 

06:47 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:46 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:46 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:46 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:44 (IST)24 APR 2021

The cannonball connects for a close near fall. Sami complains that the referee's counting too quick for Owens. A sit-out powerbomb plants the Intercontinental Champ in the ring. As Owens looks for his stunner, Azeez distracts him, allowing Crews to roll him up for the win.

Apollo Crews defeats Kevin Owens via pinfall. 

Immediately after the match, Owens drops Crews with a stunner. Commander Azeez gets revenge with the Nigerian Nail, much to the delight of Zayn. 

06:39 (IST)24 APR 2021

Back from the break and Sami has joined the commentary team. Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens fight at the top, with Crews getting the better of his challenger, if only for a moment. A superkick from Owens drops Crews for another two-count. 

06:38 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:38 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:35 (IST)24 APR 2021

Owens responds with a superkick and lands a picture-perfect Swanton Bomb for a two-count. Sami Zayn makes his presence known, dancing around the stage while Apollo recovers. 

06:33 (IST)24 APR 2021

Apollo breaks away but is crushed with a running senton. KO sends him to the floor with a big clothesline. As Owens sets up for a dive, Commander Azeez steps in the way. Crews takes advantage of the distraction, laying KO out on the apron. 

06:31 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:31 (IST)24 APR 2021

Kevin Owens takes the champ to the mat, putting a tight vice around Apollo with a side headlock. 

06:29 (IST)24 APR 2021

Apollo is accompanied to the ring by Commander Azeez. Can KO overcome the talent of the champion and his giant bodyguard in this title bout? 

06:28 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:27 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:25 (IST)24 APR 2021

Kevin Owens is preparing for his title match when he's met by Big E, upset that the Prize Fighter is managing to cut in line. E claims that the Intercontinental Championship is his, but KO promises him that by tonight Apollo won't be holding the gold anymore. They stare down before KO leaves. 

A KO/Big E feud for the belt while having to chase Apollo? Yeah, yeah that sounds like a lot of fun. This is gonna be great. 

06:23 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:21 (IST)24 APR 2021

Nia doesn't expect Tamina's aggressive onslaught out the gate, and has to get some help from Shayna to prevent a suplex. Tamina shrugs off the interference, taking Nia to the floor and driving her into the barricade. Shayna and Nattie stare each other down while Tamina gets the better of Nia. 

Reggie tries to get involved, but thanks to that we see Tamina kick Baszler in the back. Baszler takes her aggression out on Reggie, distracting Nia and allowing Tamina to get a roll-up victory. 

Tamina defeats Nia Jax via pinfall. 

06:18 (IST)24 APR 2021

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald are out next. Jax will face her cousin Tamina Snuka in singles competition. Nattie is also in Tamina's corner. 

06:17 (IST)24 APR 2021

Backstage, Jey Uso is asked about Seth Rollins abandoning him. Uso says he doesn't care about that, he's more upset about Cesaro disrespecting the Head of the Table. 

06:16 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:13 (IST)24 APR 2021

Backstage, Apollo Crews is furious that he has to defend the Intercontinental Championship and assumes he'll be facing Big E. Adam Pearce reveals that it won't be Big E, though he does deserve another chance. Tonight, he'll be taking on Kevin Owens. 

06:12 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:11 (IST)24 APR 2021

Cesaro puts Jey in another cyclone of spins while Bryan calls out The Head of the Table. Still, he refuses to save his cousin. Bryan reminds Roman that he hasn't been able to beat his last few challengers without any kind of help. In fact, he knows if he faces Cesaro one-on-one for the title, he'll lose. 

Bryan gets a Yes chant going for Cesaro as the two celebrate. Roman won't be happy about this. 

06:09 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:09 (IST)24 APR 2021

06:09 (IST)24 APR 2021

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