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WWE SmackDown Live Results: SmackDown Updates & Highlights (26th November 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 27, 2021 09:33 IST

Who will step up to confront Roman Reigns?


09:33 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:30 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Stay tuned here for the full results. 

08:28 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Well, that's it for tonight. Thanks for joining us here today. Join us again now, for AEW Rampage. 

08:28 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:28 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sami's celebration is interrupted. The suspension of Brock Lesnar has been lifted. Next week on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar. 

08:27 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:27 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sheamus and Corbin try to eliminate Jeff Hardy together, but Corbin turns on Sheamus and eliminates him. Jeff comes in and pushes Corbin off. 

That's it!

Wait no! Just as Jeff is celebrating, Sami Zayn comes in from behind and throws Jeff Hardy out of the ring.

Sami Zayn wins the Battle Royal and Roman Reigns laughs to see it

08:25 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sheamus stops Hardy with a clothesline. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind on Sheamus. Happy gets up again and hits him with the Twist of Fate. 

08:25 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:25 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Corbin hits Ricochet with the chokeslam backbreaker. 

Ricochet is back in it and almost takes out Corbin. Sheamus hits Ricochet with the Brogue Kick and eliminates him. He then beats down Corbin.

Sheamus and Corbin brawl. Both men work on the ropes. They struggle on the ropes and Corbin hits Sheamus with an elbow. Jeff attacks them both. 

08:23 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Ricochet takes out Sheamus and then faces off against Hardy. Happy comes in and hits Ricochet with a clothesline. 

08:22 (IST)27 NOV 2021

They take out Ricochet in the corner, but The Viking Raiders are still standing tall. They next try to eliminate Sheamus but he eliminates them instead. 

It's now only Sheamus, Ricochet, Jeff Hardy, and Happy Corbin. 

08:21 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Angel eliminates Boogs. The Viking Raiders eliminate Angel and Humberto instead. 

08:20 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sheamus beats down Sami, but Zayn still manages to survive. 

08:20 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:16 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Madcap tries to eliminate Corbin, but then they laugh about it. HAppy sends Madcap out instead. 

08:15 (IST)27 NOV 2021

08:15 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Cesaro sends Holand out, but Moss eliminates Cesaro. 

08:15 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Shanky beats down Madcap. Madcap gets another big elimination, taking out Shanky. Sheamus and Ridge Holland try to eliminate Cesaro instead. 

08:14 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Mansoor is eliminated by the combined force of Sheamus and Ridge Holland. Mace picks up Madcap and almost eliminates him, but Mace is eliminated instead. 

08:13 (IST)27 NOV 2021

The match starts and Jinder Mahal has been eliminated. Cesaro is almost eliminated as well, but stays in. 

08:08 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Drew McIntyre was not part of the Battle Royal and he comes into the ring with the sword, saying that he wants to e part of the match. He swings the sword around clearing the ring as Adam Pearce comes down to talk to him. 

08:03 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Black Friday Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender for Roman Reigns

08:01 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:57 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:56 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:56 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Naomi finally gets the win after a slew of reversals.

Naomi and Sasha Banks defeat Shayna Baszler and Natalya

07:55 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Natalya hits the Michinoku Driver. 

07:55 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Naomi has been isolated from Sasha Banks. She manages to try to reach the corner and Sasha Banks, but Baszler takes her out. Baszler is driven into the barricade. Naomi nearly gets the pinfall, but Natalya comes back with a Discus Clothesline. 

07:52 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:52 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Shayna works on the leg of Naomi. She continues the assault. 

07:48 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Banks hits Shayna with the Backstabber. 

07:48 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:48 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Naomi is dumped outside the ring by Natalya, and Baszler hits her with a knee. 

07:46 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sasha and Shayna start off hot, and they are brawling in the ring. 

07:45 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Naomi and Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler and Natalya

07:36 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Sasha confronts Sonya backstage and talks about how Sonya is jealous about Naomi. 

07:35 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:35 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Charlotte threatens Toni, but Toni reverses the attack and takes Charlotte out.

Toni follows Charlotte out, but Charlotte hit her with a pie. 

Toni stands, enraged and hits her with another. Storm stands seething, looking at Charlotte. This is not going to go well for Charlotte next week.

07:33 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:33 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Charlotte says that she is the most dominant name in sports entertainment. Toni Storm interrupts her and reminds her that Becky won. 

Toni came after Charlotte and said that she's right there. 

Charlotte said that she didn't even know that Storm existed. 

07:32 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Charlotte Flair says that everyone saw that Becky Lynch beat her, but did so only because she cheated blatantly. She went on to say that Lynch just got lucky and nothing more. 

07:21 (IST)27 NOV 2021

07:21 (IST)27 NOV 2021

Humberto distracts Boogs by playing his guitar on the table outside. Nakamura kicks the legs out from under Humberto, putting him through the food-laden table.

Angel takes advantage and hits the Wing Clipper to take out Rick Boogs. 

Angel defeats Rick Boogs

07:20 (IST)27 NOV 2021

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