SmackDown Results: Brock Lesnar's return date confirmed; New No.1 Contender crowned

It was a wild and chaotic night on SmackDown
It was a wild and chaotic night on SmackDown

Kayla Braxton kicked off the SmackDown Thanksgiving special and was about to announce something regarding Brock Lesnar's suspension from WWE but Roman Reigns interrupted her with his entrance.

After a recap of Roman's match from Survivor Series, Heyman took the mic and said that Roman Reigns did not care about mere rumors about Brock.

Heyman wanted facts and asked Braxton to leave the ring before the crowd chanted that they wanted to see Brock Lesnar. Roman got on the mic and called everyone else in WWE losers, with Brock being the No.1 loser.

Roman said that he beat Brock, Big E, and the rest of the locker room and mocked the upcoming Battle Royal that would decide his next opponent.

Roman called himself the G.O.A.T and said that the whole world will have to acknowledge him sooner or later before walking out.

Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy vs. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss on SmackDown

Hardy and Corbin kicked off the match and Hardy was isolated in the ring early on as Moss tagged in.

Hardy managed to turn things around and tagged Drew back in before they went for a double-team move. Hardy hit a dive from the apron on Corbin before Moss wiped him out at ringside.

Back on SmackDown after a break, Drew was in the ring and Corbin got a near fall off a Deep Six before Hardy broke the pin and was sent outside by Corbin.

Drew sent Corbin out as well before hitting the Claymore on Moss. McIntyre tagged Hardy in for the Swanton Bomb before they picked up the win.

Result: Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy def. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss

Grade: B

Backstage, Heyman wanted to know if there was any news about Brock Lesnar's situation and told Braxton that he would have her fired if she didn't confirm news by the end of the show.

Cesaro vs. Ridge Holland on SmackDown

Cesaro got some uppercuts in the corner on SmackDown early on before Holland dropped him on the turnbuckles. Holland hit Cesaro with a massive clothesline before tossing him around the ring as SmackDown continued.

Sheamus was at ringside as Cesaro was being knocked about in the ring and hit a big suplex. Sheamus was cheering Ridge on and Cesaro caught Holland off the distraction and rolled him over for the win.

Result: Cesaro def. Ridge Holland

Grade: B

Backstage on SmackDown, Drew McIntyre asked Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to be in the Battle Royal and Deville said they would think about it.

Angel Garza vs. Rick Boogs on SmackDown

Early on, both Garza and Boogs tried to put each other through the thanksgiving dinner table before they gave up and returned to the ring. Boogs picked Garza up and swung him around before lifting him like a set of weights.

Boogs got a powerbomb for a near fall before Carrillo got up on a table and started playing Boogs' guitar.

Nakamura took Carrillo out with a kick and sent him through the table but Boogs was already distracted, allowing Garza to pick up the win.

Result: Angel Garza def. Rick Boogs

Grade: C

Backstage on SmackDown, Kayla Braxton was trying to figure out Brock's status in WWE and Adam Pearce said that Lesnar was a menace and would probably not return soon.

Charlotte was out next on SmackDown and Michael Cole was interviewing her in the ring. Flair said that Becky cheated and that she got lucky at Survivor Series and claimed that Lynch's success was all thanks to her.

Toni Storm interrupted Charlotte and Flair said that she barely knew that Storm existed. Charlotte attacked her and Toni fought out before taking a pie to the face from the Thanksgiving dinner table. Storm took a second pie to the face before Charlotte walked backstage.

Sasha Banks was mad about her team betraying her at Survivor Series and blamed Sonya Deville for picking the wrong members. Banks claimed that Sonya was jealous of Naomi before Deville put Banks and Naomi in a match against Natalya and Baszler.

Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler on SmackDown

Sasha and Baszler kicked off the match and Shayna got some early submission moves in before Naomi tagged in.

Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler on SmackDown (contd...)

Naomi was in control as the match continued on SmackDown. Shayna attacked Naomi at ringside before Banks came in and hit a backstabber on Baszler.

Back after a break, Shayna punished Naomi with an ankle lock before Naltalya came in and the heels hit her with a double team suplex. Naomi was about to get the tag when Baszler wiped Banks out from the apron.

Sasha took Shayna out with a Meteora before Natalya got multiple near falls in the ring. Naomi got a high kick and the sunset flip before rolling her up for the win.

Result: Sasha Banks & Naomi def. Natalya & Shayna Baszler

Grade: C

Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal to decide the No.1 Contender for the WWE Universal Championship on SmackDown

Drew McIntyre wasn't on the list for the match and came out with his sword before the match kicked off and headed to the ring. Drew swung his sword around the ring and the other Superstars ran away before Adam Pearce walked out.

Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal to decide the No.1 Contender for the WWE Universal Championship on SmackDown (contd...)

After a break on SmackDown, Drew McIntyre had left the ring and the match was underway. Sami Zayn eliminated Drew Gulak with a Helluva Kick before Sheamus and Holland kicked Mansoor out of the ring.

Mace was tossed out as well before Moss eliminated Shanky and Cesaro eliminated Holland. Moss eliminated Cesaro and tried to throw out Corbin. Both men had a laugh about it before Corbin eliminated his partner. Los Lotharios were also out of the match.

Ivar and Erik were eliminated by Sheamus before Ricochet was in trouble and took a chokeslam backbreaker from Corbin. He bounced back but took a Brogue Kick. Sheamus eliminated Ricochet and it was down to Hardy, Corbin and The Irish superstar.

Sheamus took the Whisper in the Wind and Corbin took the Twist of Fate before the two teamed up against Hardy. Corbin turned on Sheamus and tossed him out before being tossed out himself by Hardy.

Sami Zayn showed up out of nowhere and had not been eliminated as he dropped Hardy from the top rope and picked up the win.

Result: Sami Zayn got the win and will face Roman Reigns in a WWE Universal Title match

Right after the match, Kayla Braxton got the message and informed the audience that Brock Lesnar's suspension was officially over and he would return next week.

Grade: A

Episode rating: B

The Thanksgiving special on SmackDown saw Banks and Naomi pick up a win over Natalya and Baszler while Brock Lesnar's ban was lifted. We got a huge battle royal to decide Roman Reigns' next opponent while Charlotte Flair attacked Toni Storm on tonight's SmackDown.

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