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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results: SmackDown Updates & Highlights (28th January 2022) - Seth Rollins embarrasses Roman Reigns

WWE SmackDown Live Results: SmackDown Updates & Highlights (28th January 2022) - Seth Rollins embarrasses Roman Reigns

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 29, 2022 03:53 GMT

Who will get the upper hand between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins before the Royal Rumble?


03:01 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

03:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Thanks for joining us today. Join us again for AEW Rampage right now! And tomorrow, join us for the Royal Rumble.

In the meantime, check out Sportskeeda's exclusive interview with AJ Styles. 

02:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Roman pushes Seth away, but Seth runs away. It looks like Seth is the heel in this exchange.

02:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Roman says that he has tried to forgive Seth, but he will never forgive Seth for what he did to the Shield. He says that he hates him.

Seth calls him a joke, and Roman pushes him down.

02:56 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Seth and Roman exchange words, as Seth makes clear that Roman may have done it all now, but he's never beat Seth when it matters the most.

He says that it won't be personal when he takes the title from him tomorrow. 

02:46 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Roman Reigns comes out for his final face-to-face confrontation with Seth Rollins one day before their match.

02:45 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:44 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:44 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Big E and Kofi hit the Midnight Hour on Moss to pick up the win.

The New Day defeat Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

02:43 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Kofi jumps right into a chokeslam backbreaker from Corbin. He hits the Deep Six as well, which leads to a near-fall for Moss. Meanwhile, Big E throws Corbin into the steel steps.

02:42 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Kofi escapes a double-team move and hits Corbin with a knee, before tagging in Big E. The former WWE Champion floors both heels. He hits Moss with a uranage and Corbin with a running splash.

02:39 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Kofi hits a crossbody on Corbin. He goes for a thrust fall on the outside, but Corbin and Moss catch him and hurl him into the ringpost.

02:37 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Moss floors Big E with a shoulder tackle but suffers a high elbow. Big E tags Kofi in, who is immediately teamed up on by Moss and Corbin.

02:36 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

The New Day vs. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

02:35 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:34 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Big E is now apparently a SmackDown Superstar again.

02:33 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:33 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Big E is back on SmackDown to be by Kofi Kingston's side. The New Day brothers will team with each other as a duo for the first time since Extreme Rules 2020.

02:28 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:28 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Boogs hits the Boogs Cruise on Shanky for the win!

Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakmura defeat Jinder Mahal and Shanky

02:27 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sami knocks Nakamura off the apron when the referee isn't looking. Mahal attacks Boogs, but he mounts a comeback. He hits a running hammer on both Mahal and Shanky.

02:26 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Boogs tries to lock Shanky in a bear hug. He then hits him with a vertical suplex!

02:25 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Boogs hits a bodyslam on Mahal. Shanky is tagged in and floors Boogs with a big boot.

02:25 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs vs. Jinder Mahal and Shanky

02:20 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:20 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Nakamura simply kicks Sami out of the ring.

02:19 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:19 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sami wants to pick Shanky's brain about consumerism. Meanwhile, Jinder says Johnny Knoxville and Jackass are huge in India. Nakamura and Boogs eventually interrupt the podcast.

02:18 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sami says he doesn't want to hear the name 'Johnny Knoxville' again. This sparks a chant.

02:16 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sami says the stunts and the pranks have gone too far recently, so he is rebranding InZayn as a live podcast. Jinder and Shanky are here.

02:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sami Zayn comes out for the latest edition of InZayn, with Jinder Mahal and Shanky as his guests.

02:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:10 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

The Usos say Roman Reigns will defeat Seth Rollins despite them not being at ringside. The Viking Raiders confront them and speak about their axes and how they can trim beards with them.

02:09 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:08 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Naomi tells everybody how elated she is to finally get rid of Sonya Deville after 153 days. She sets her sights on winning the Royal Rumble Match. Sonya cuts her off and enters herself in the Rumble.

02:06 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:06 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

02:05 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

The referee high-tails it out of there after calling the match down the middle. Sonya goes to the back, while Naomi celebrates in the ring. The fans are elated for her.

02:05 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Naomi hits the Rear End and the split-legged Moonsault for the win.

Naomi defeats Sonya Deville

02:04 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Naomi hits a Full Nelson, which is not enough to end it. She drags Sonya, who rakes her in the eye and rolls her up for another two-count.

02:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Naomi hits a leg drop for another near-fall before she gets launched into the turnbuckle. Sonya hits a unique suplex-slam maneuver for a very close two-count.

02:02 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

As Sonya takes her eyes off the ball, Naomi kips up and kicks her. She hits a springboard stunner before launching her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Naomi hits a corner enziguiri and a crossbody for a near-fall

02:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Sonya hits a snap spinebuster in the corner for a near-fall. She continues to dominate in her in-ring return.

01:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

01:56 (GMT)29 JAN 2022

Naomi hits a standing dropkick and sends Sonya out of the ring. She misses a baseball slide, as Sonya hits an apron-assisted Reverse DDT.
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