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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Backlash (12th June 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 13, 2020 07:48 IST

Who will become the new Intercontinental Champion?


07:32 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:31 (IST)13 JUN 2020

That's it for tonight folks. The results are: 
Nakamura & Cesaro defeat the New Day via pinfall. 
AJ Styles defeats Daniel Bryan via pinfall to become the new Intercontinental Champion. 
Heavy Machinery & Braun Strowman defeat Dolph Ziggler, Miz & Morrison via pinfall. 

We'll see you for Backlash on Sunday!

07:28 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:27 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Otis defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. 

07:27 (IST)13 JUN 2020

We're talking clotheslines, we're talking body slams, we're talking flapjacks. Otis is delivering a full course of pain. An exploder suplex sends Ziggler over the ropes, where he's met by a rampaging Strowman that lays out Miz, Morrison, and Ziggler in that order. Strowman tosses Ziggler inside for the Caterpillar, and that's all she wrote!  

07:26 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Tucker rocks Ziggler with a snap superkick before tagging in Otis, who lays waste to all three opponents. 

07:25 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The trio manage to keep Tucker away from Strowman for a time, though he's able to send Miz & Morrison to the floor. A kick to Ziggler gives Tucker the chance to tag, but M&M yank Strowman off the apron. Morrison lays out Strowman with a springboard roundhouse as Ziggler sets up to finish Tucker. 

07:23 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:23 (IST)13 JUN 2020

With Otis gone, Tucker has been taken down by Ziggler, Miz, and Morrison. 

07:22 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:20 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Oh, hey it's Adam Pearce. 

07:20 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Backstage, King Corbin brings a cameraman with him to confront Mandy Rose. Corbin begins to hit on Rose, just before he's launched into a fence backstage. Otis knocks him out before being pulled away by backstage officials. 

07:18 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Strowman and Ziggler tag in, with the Universal Champion absolutely demolishing Ziggler. 

07:18 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:18 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Ziggler avoids any confrontation with Otis, forcing The Miz to try his hand with Mr. MITB. Otis and Tucker lay waste to Miz, leading to Morrison tagging in. The Parkour Prince sticks and moves, rocking Tucker with kicks, even landing on his feet following a back body drop. However, a springboard cross body leads to a powerslam, putting Tucker back in it. 

07:16 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The main event kicks off with Dolph Ziggler and Miz & Morrison against Strowman and Heavy Machinery. 

07:16 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Riddle will debut for SmackDown, officially this time, next week. 

07:15 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Another Matt Riddle vignette. Could we see the Stallion challenge for the Intercontinental Championship in the near future? That'd be worth the price of admission. 

07:09 (IST)13 JUN 2020

07:08 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Oh help me, Lord. Another Miz & Morrison music vide-Oh thank God Braun Strowman interrupted it. 

07:07 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The former champions were happy to be a part of the celebration, but the four were interrupted again by The IIconics. Via titantron, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce reminded Bayley and Banks that they ended the Boss & Hug Connection's first run. Not only that, but they also hold pinfall victories over Bliss Cross Applesauce. 

07:05 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Banks and Bayley traded compliments with one another, leading to Bayley pulling out a poem that she'd written for her best friend. Before she could read it, though, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross interrupted. 

07:04 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The SmackDown Women's Champion says that, though it can be lonely at the top, she's not lonely because she's got the Boss with her for better or worse. And at the moment, it's the former. 

07:03 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Bayley starts off by saying the crowd is lucky to even be a part of this party. 

07:02 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Next up is the championship celebration for the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Bayley and Sasha Banks. 

07:01 (IST)13 JUN 2020

06:58 (IST)13 JUN 2020

06:56 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Braun Strowman cuts a promo about SmackDown as a whole before targeting Miz and Morrison, as well as his tag team partners tonight. Strowman has no problem running through Heavy Machinery should Otis's briefcase make an appearance. 

06:55 (IST)13 JUN 2020

06:51 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Following the match, Renee Young interviews Styles. The Phenomenal One says he's the greatest WWE Champion that the company has ever seen. 

06:50 (IST)13 JUN 2020

AJ Styles defeats Daniel Bryan via pinfall. 

06:50 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The Phenomenal Forearm hits Bryan right on the dot, elevating AJ Styles to the next level, having now captured every singles championship on RAW and SmackDown. 

06:49 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Bryan kicks it up a notch with the arm trapped boots to the face. Bryan sets up for the Knee Plus, only for Styles to counter into the Styles Clash! However, he's too dazed to go for the cover immediately, saving Bryan from what was definitely the end of the match. 

06:47 (IST)13 JUN 2020

06:47 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Styles gets trapped in the Yes Lock and just barely scratches and claws his way to the rope. 

06:46 (IST)13 JUN 2020

A second pele kick was countered with an ankle lock. Styles stands up, setting up for a leg trapped German suplex. Styles responds with a German of his own. 

06:45 (IST)13 JUN 2020

A pele kick and a brainbuster drops Bryan, but he's able to kick out. 

06:44 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Bryan avoids the attack in the corner, but the backflip injures his knee. Styles follows up with the springboard reverse DDT. 

06:43 (IST)13 JUN 2020

06:40 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Both men find themselves at the top rope again, as Bryan looks to send Styles crashing down with an avalanche back suplex. Styles knocks him off with some elbows, but Bryan immediately gets back up and gives chase two more times. The back suplex finally connects aaaaaand WE GO TO COMMERCIAL BREAK AGAIN. OKAY SURE. 

06:38 (IST)13 JUN 2020

The Calf Crusher is locked in, and after a long struggle, Bryan counters into the armbar. Styles stood up, forcing Bryan to escape and hit a nasty roundhouse to the back of the head. 

06:37 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Back from the break, and the two competitors are trading stiff elbows and kicks. Bryan launches Styles to the floor, setting up for a suicide dive, injured leg and all. As he runs in, a step-up enziguri mid-dive sends Bryan back across the ring. 

06:36 (IST)13 JUN 2020

While we're in the middle of a commercial break, I just wanna say this is exactly the match we all wanted to see, right? This is absolute class. 

06:32 (IST)13 JUN 2020

A super hurricanrana tosses Styles across the mat. The Yes kicks connect, save for the last one which Styles ducks to lay in his own combination. 

06:31 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Styles picks up Bryan for the dragon screw, but is instead hit with an enziguri. Styles shakes off Bryan and moves in for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bryan knocks him off the ropes, landing him gut first on the top turnbuckle. 

06:31 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Styles ties up Bryan's knee in between the bottom two ropes, leaving Bryan to scream out in pain while Lil Naitch (the ref) attempts to free him. 

06:30 (IST)13 JUN 2020

Styles targets Bryan's knee, hoping to wear him down for the Calf Crusher. 

06:29 (IST)13 JUN 2020

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