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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before WWE Elimination Chamber (19th February 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 20, 2021 08:52 IST

What will happen on the final episode of SmackDown before Elimination Chamber?


08:30 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Thanks for joining us, folks. We'll see you Sunday for Elimination Chamber. 

08:29 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:29 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:29 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:28 (IST)20 FEB 2021

A double underhook suplex off the top rope brings Zayn down to the mat, and the Yes Lock secures a big victory heading into the PPV. 

Daniel Bryan defeats Sami Zayn via submission. 

After the match, Corbin plants him with the End of Days. KO stuns Corbin but is dumped with a dragon suplex. Zayn is then rocked with an uppercut only for Cesaro to be dropped with a superkick from Uso. 

Edge runs in for a spear on Uso and eats one in response by the Universal Champion. Who will walk out of the Chamber as the new #1 contender, and can they do the impossible, winning that hellacious match and a title bout against Roman Reigns? 

08:24 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Cesaro finally breaks away after rocking Corbin with a springboard uppercut. Bryan and Zayn tag in, with Bryan hammering Zayn with kicks, knees, and running dropkicks. 

08:23 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:23 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:21 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Corbin, Zayn, and Uso tag in and out, battering the former US Champion and keeping him on their side of the ring way out of reach of Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. 

08:20 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Cesaro is taken out by Jey Uso, who sends him over the announce table. Uso eyes Edge while attacking Cesaro. Paul Heyman has also joined commentary, looking to verbally joust with Edge ahead of the Chamber. 

08:19 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:16 (IST)20 FEB 2021

After a slingshot into the corner, Zayn tags out to Corbin. The King faces a similar fate as we head into the final commercial break. 

08:16 (IST)20 FEB 2021

D-Bry and Sami Zayn face-off, with the former WWE Champion taking a series of knees to the sternum. Zayn brings him into the corner, where he and Corbin tag in and out, fighting with one another. 

This gives Bryan enough time to tag out to Cesaro, who lights up all three opponents. The Swiss Cyborg annihilates the opposition, and Zayn is forced to take several running uppercuts. Zayn escapes but is tossed back in by his partners, allowing Cesaro to swing him around the ring. 

08:12 (IST)20 FEB 2021

It's time for the main event. Sami Zayn, King Corbin, and Jey Uso vs Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens. Edge joins the commentary desk as we get a preview of the SmackDown Elimination Chamber tonight. 

08:11 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:05 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro mention that KO has a history of turning on tag partners. Kofi, Sami, the list goes on. In fact, DB is unable to remember the "major" name and wishes he'd used a list to write these down. 

Get it? Because...ah, you get it. 

08:04 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Reginald brings Carmella a glass of wine, but the former SmackDown Women's Champion is obviously upset at him working with Sasha and Bianca tonight. She says, though, that she knows he'll "do the right thing" when the time comes. After that, of course, she throws the wine in his face. 

08:01 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:00 (IST)20 FEB 2021

08:00 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:55 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Dominik Mysterio faces off with Chad Gable, rocking the WWE Triple Crown Tag Champion with a series of dropkicks. He's overtaken by the powerful Otis, though, leading to Rey tagging in. 

Otis catches him out of mid-air with a big World Strongest Slam before hitting a splash. However, when Gable tells him to do it again, the ref calls for the bell as they fail to make the 5-count. 

Rey and Dominik Mysterio defeat Alpha Academy via DQ.

Gable and Otis attack Mysterio after the match, with Otis hitting a big diving splash from Bret's Rope. Did Otis an Gable just turn heel? 

07:51 (IST)20 FEB 2021

It's time for another tag team match, as Rey and Dominik Mysterio face off against Alpha Academy. 

07:48 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:48 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Edge meets another Chamber contestant, Cesaro, and believes that the Swiss Superman has what it takes to not just win that match, but the follow up title bout against Roman Reigns. 

07:46 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:45 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:45 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:44 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Banks finally gets to Reginald for the tag as Nia tags in. The sommelier is afraid to wrap up with the Women's Tag Champ, rightfully so. A clothesline nearly turns him inside out, and Jax easily blocks a drop toe hold, hammering Reginald even more. 

Reggie avoids the leg drop and crawls to his corner. Banks and Bianca yan Baszler off the apron, and a double dropkick/body splash combination gives Reginald a win over Jax.

Reginald, Banks, and Belair defeat Jax, Baszler, and Bayley via pinfall. 

07:41 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Belair and Banks take turns battering Shayna, but Reginal distracts them by flipping into the ring, allowing her to tag out to Bayley. Banks' knee is torn apart here, as Baszler comes in and focuses on shredding the limb. 

07:40 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:40 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:40 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:39 (IST)20 FEB 2021

That match is official, as when we come back from the break, Bianca Belair is facing off with her long-time NXT rival Shayna Baszler. 

07:35 (IST)20 FEB 2021

The SmackDown Women's Champion comes out next and says that the women's division revolves around her, which is why Bianca Belair will choose her for WrestleMania. 

Bianca, almost on cue, follows up. Banks isn't the star of the division, Bianca, the Royal Rumble winner, is. Before Bianca can make her official claim, Reginald interrupts. 

Reggie makes a six-person tag, wanting to team up with Bianca and Banks against Bayley and the Women's Tag Champions.  

07:33 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Nia and Shayna are happy to be here and happy that Bayley isn't upset at them for taking the titles away from her. Bayley isn't worried about it, because it got her away from Sasha Banks. 

The champs call out Banks and Bianca Belair, claiming that neither one of them are as great as they claim to be. Reginald, of all people, comes in to interrupt, claiming that neither Jax nor Baszler could lace up the boots of Banks. 

Following that, he believes that if Banks and Bianca teamed up, they could easily take the Tag Titles away from BaJax. 

07:29 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Bayley's guests tonight, WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. They appear behind the door, ringing the door bell. 

07:28 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Oh, it's time for everyone's favorite talk show! It's Ding Dong, Hello!

07:25 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:25 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:25 (IST)20 FEB 2021

King Corbin runs into Edge backstage and says that SmackDown is HIS kingdom now. He reveals just how expensive his suit and watch are, demanding that in the future Edge should kneel when he sees Corbin. 

07:23 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Tamina makes the tag and slings Ruby with a swinging sidewalk slam. 

Tamina and Natalya defeat The Riott Squad via pinfall. 

Billie attempts to celebrate with the winners, but Nattie shoves her into a superkick from Tamina. 

07:22 (IST)20 FEB 2021

A codebreaker/STO combo lays out Natalya, but the Squad are distracted by Billie Kay who is wearing a Natalya shirt. 

07:21 (IST)20 FEB 2021

The next match of the night is the Riott Squad vs Tamina and Natalya. Tamina completely dominates Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. 

Tamina catches Morgan's springboard maneuver, turning her inside out with an uppercut. Natalya tags in and drives Liv into the corner Liv makes it to Ruby, though, and Riott Squad hits Nattie with a pair of dropkicks

07:17 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:14 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:14 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Seth calls those that walked out on him a bunch of losers and nobodies. The biggest loser of all? Cesaro. The Swiss Superman has gotten what he deserved and anyone that follows his path will do the same. Embrace the vision. 

07:12 (IST)20 FEB 2021

07:11 (IST)20 FEB 2021

Rollins filed a complaint, which was looked over by his lawyers, for WWE as he feels that he was disrespected by the entire locker room. 

07:11 (IST)20 FEB 2021

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