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  • WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (20th August 2019) | King of the Ring Tournament 2019, Round 1|

WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (20th August 2019) | King of the Ring Tournament 2019, Round 1|

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 21, 2019 02:20 GMT

Who will Bryan & Rowan reveal as Reigns' attacker?


02:20 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Here's the full results from tonight's show!

02:10 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Hang tight, y'all, we'll have SportsKeeda's full show report here in a little bit but, until then, have a great night!

02:08 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Andrade defeats Apollo Crews to advance in the KOTR tournament.
The Revival defeats Heavy Machinery
Elias defeats Kevin Owens to advance in KOTR

Wait, were there only four matches?

02:04 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Oh, wait. The results.

02:04 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

All in all, that was a fun show. I hope you all enjoyed it and you enjoyed this live blogging. I've really been having a great time these past couple of weeks. If you guys have enjoyed it, too, let the guys at SportsKeeda know by tweeting to @SKProWrestling.

Have a great night everybody and, who knows, maybe I'll see you on Monday! :)

02:00 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

And... it's just some dude with a red beard.

02:00 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

And now we're about to find out who Bryan and Rowan have backstage

01:59 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Shane McMahon removes his shirt, revealing a referee's shirt - once again, reminding Owens that be fired if he puts his hand on an official.

And Owens is out of KOTR

Elias defeats Kevin Owens to advance in KOTR

01:58 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:57 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

"Honey, that's Elias and Kevin Owens. Kevin has the same name as Daddy and is one of his favorites" - Me
"Can I have a popsicle?" - my 4-year old daughter

01:48 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

And here comes Shane to ringside as SmackDown goes to commercial.

01:48 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Elias and Owens in what we're guessing is the last match of the night. 

Hey! There's a guy in the front row dressed like The Skipper from Gilligan's Island! 

What goes around, comes around, I guess.

01:45 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Shane McMahon tells Kevin Owens that if he lays hands on a WWE official again, he'll be fired.

How much you wanna bet that Elias is still considered an official?

01:40 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:37 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Zayn and Nakamura beat the hulabaloo out of Miz, including a really nasty looking Kinshasa.

This pairing is incredible.

01:35 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

What do you guys think of pairing Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura? Tell us on Twitter @SKProWrestling

01:34 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Is Sami Zayn the manager of Shinsuke Nakamura now?

That would be AMAZING.

01:33 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

"There are so many people on SmackDown who need. My. Help." - Sami
"Like who?" - Miz

Apparently, it's Shinsuke Nakamura!!

01:32 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Zayn doesn't care about The Miz, or his show, but he's got some stuff to get off his chest.

Pretty good back and forth between two of the best talkers in WWE right now.

01:30 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Time for Miz TV.

Just like Charlotte wanted to be on Moment of Bliss, Sami Zayn asked to be on Miz TV.

01:28 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:27 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:27 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Oh, here's how the Revival/Heavy Machinery match ended...

01:25 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:25 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Hey, The Miz is here. For some reason.

01:25 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Chad Gable is backstage, telling his story of how nobody believed in him growing up, bit that at KOTR, he's going to open some eyes.

Shelton Benjamin sneaks out of Gable's dressing room and leaves a "You must be this tall to be in KOTR" sign.

Which is pretty funny, I'm not going to lie.

01:23 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Otis hits The Worm, but after some shenanigans right as Heavy Machinery are about to hit their finisher, the Revival sneak a pinfall on Tucker for the win.

01:21 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Tucker makes the hot tag to Otis!

01:21 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

We're back and... yep, Revival are having their way with Tucker. 

Dash and Dawson, it should be noted, have taped up ribs, a result of getting beaten up by Kofi Kingston earlier when they came to Randy Orton's rescue.

Also, the crowd apparently thinks this match is boring.

01:17 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Tucker and Otis have the upper hand on The Revival, which probably means we're going to a commerci.... yep, there we go.

01:16 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:15 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Dash and Dawson call the New Day cowards. Also, it looks like we're getting New Day vs Revival at Clash of Champions for the SDLive tag team championships.

Also, it looks like they're taking on Heavy Machinery tonight.
The Revival vs Heavy Machinery

01:14 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

We're back from break, and Bryan and Rowan attack Murphy backstage as he's being interviewed. Referees and security have to intervene.

Meanwhile, we've got Top Guys heading to the ring, as the Revival prepare to address the crowd.

01:09 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:08 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:07 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

The Revival are up next.

01:05 (GMT)21 AUG 2019


01:05 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Bryan goes for the running knee, but Murphy turns it into a backslide. Two count. Followed by a brainbuster and another kickout.

Murphy kicks Rowan in the face... and then....

01:03 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Murphy gets Bryan tangled up in the corner with a reversal and then a power bomb.

This crowd is fully behind Murphy.

Well, maybe not all of them. A good majority, though. 

01:02 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

01:02 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Yowie wowie! Murphy dodges a "Yes" kick and hits a superkick of his own.

He still ends up in the Tree of Woe, though, followed by a belly to back suplex off the top row.

Yeah, this match is awesome. Murphy is the real deal.

01:00 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

We come back from break, and Bryan has Murphy is a cacophony of submission maneuvers, such as his Yes Lock and even the Rings of Saturn. Murphy manages to get to the ropes, though, so Bryan decides to just kick him silly.

00:56 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

So, I guess I was wrong about that "match not going long thing". It made it to the commercial break, at least.

00:55 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Yeah.... that move right there.

00:55 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

00:55 (GMT)21 AUG 2019

Bryan does his whole "backflip out of the corner, dodges a clothesline", but Murphy still manages to knock him out of the ring. The Best Kept Secret then flies over the top rope and crashed into the Planet's Champions as we go to commercial.
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