3 facts about ONE interim atomweight Muay Thai world title contender Lara Fernandez

Get to know more about ONE Championship's newest world title contender, Lara Fernandez. | [Photo: @larafdz13 on Instagram]
Get to know more about ONE Championship's newest world title contender, Lara Fernandez. | [Photo: @larafdz13 on Instagram]

Lara Fernandez will make her debut on the global stage of ONE Championship at ONE 159. The Spanish striker will face Janet Todd for the ONE interim atomweight Muay Thai world title at the July 22 event.

Fernandez signed with ONE Championship last month and was thrust into the spotlight immediately with a golden opportunity in her first bout. The WBC and ISKA world champion is now in a perfect position to capture a world title in the biggest martial arts organization in the world.

Moving forward, Fernandez is also hoping to be matched up against some of the best strikers signed with ONE Championship as well. The 25-year-old certainly plans to stay on for a long time, and we will get to know her when she first steps into the circle on July 22.

Of course, Fernandez is more than just a fighter with skills. For one, she is said to be known as ‘Pizza Power’ because pizza gives her strength.

Here are some other facts to help you get to know Lara Fernandez a little bit better:

#3. Lara Fernandez started training at 14 years old

One night in her hometown of Cebolla in Toledo, Spain, Lara Fernandez watched a Muay Thai event and became interested in trying the sport.

She instantly got hooked and started training when she was 14 years old. However, there were not a lot of opportunities to train or compete in her hometown. She ultimately decided to move out and pursue a career in martial arts on her own.

At just 16, Fernandez moved to Coria del Rio in Sevilla where she joined the Lone Wolf Fight Team that she is still part of today.

#2. Real Betis was instrumental to her rise

Female fighters did not have a lot of opportunities to shine in events, as they were only given two-minute rounds instead of three.

As a result, Lara Fernandez found it difficult to gain sponsors and had to find alternative ways to earn a living. For a while, she had to work at a fuel station to support her training and everyday needs.

However, she got a huge boost from Real Betis, the Spanish football club based in Andalucia.

Fernandez has been a fan of the club since her move to Coria del Rio. She posted a tweet asking team captain Joaquin Sanchez for his jersey to wear for her fights, which not only went viral, but actually came true.

The event helped her gain visibility and eventually attracted sponsors.

#1. She's competed in multiple promotions around the world

A career in martial arts has helped Lara Fernandez compete in multiple promotions around the world.

She traveled to Thailand for the IFMA World Championship, China for the WLF World Cup, UK for Enfusion, Armenia for Mix Fight, and Belgium for the ISKA.

Now, she finds herself on one of the biggest stages in the world at ONE Championship, where she will get a chance to compete against the best fighters in the sport today.

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