3 times fighters brawled at a UFC press conference

Image via Twitter @marc_raimondi
Image via Twitter @marc_raimondi
Frank Bonada

Hot off the heels of an explosive UFC 263 press conference that saw Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori come close to exchanging more than just insults, there is no better time to go over some of the most explosive press conferences in UFC history.

While UFC rivalries often have more showmanship than animosity, there are times when bad blood boils over. The following list will detail three times when fists began flying at a UFC press conference.

#3 Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 - UFC 202

While it is somewhat of a push to call the events that transpired at UFC 202 a full-on violent brawl, it is essentially the next best thing. Conor McGregor arrived late for his press conference with Nate Diaz, prompting 'The Stockton Slugger' to walk out of the arena when McGregor finally arrived.

However, the two men could be heard exchanging insults, with McGregor issuing the iconic line:

"You'll do nothing. You'll do f**** nothing."

This naturally prompted a response from Diaz, who began launching water bottles at McGregor, who was still sitting upon the stage. The Irishman responded in kind and was restrained by security. Diaz and his team were also promptly escorted out of the arena.

Watch the encounter below:

This was not the first time things had turned sour between McGregor and Diaz; the two men had nearly come to blows in the face-offs of their original fight.

#2 Michael Chiesa vs. Kevin Lee - UFC Fight Night 112

This one came out of nowhere. The normally mild-mannered Michael Chiesa was going through the usual pre-fight media obligations ahead of his fight with Kevin Lee. The two men had the usual back-and-forth banter, with nothing too notable occurring. That was at least the case until Lee mentioned Chiesa's mother.

Lee can be heard saying:

"I just hope he shows up because I know his mama got tickets."

Not the worst insult one will hear as an MMA fighter, yet it made Chiesa see red. The BJJ specialist jumped to his feet and threatened to knock Lee out. The two came together in a scuffle, with Lee landing two clean punches on Chiesa before they were broken up by security.

Watch the altercation below:

#1 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier - UFC 178

One of the most notorious press conference brawls in MMA history took place at the UFC 178 Press Tour in Las Vegas on August 4, 2014. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's rivalry threatened to bypass the boundaries of sportsmanship from the very beginning, culminating in the events that transpired at the UFC 178 press conference.

Both men instantly got in each other's faces as the official face-off commenced. Cormier could then be seen showing Jones across the stage, prompting the former 205lb champ to charge at DC.

In the ensuing violence, the stage backdrop is ripped down, the event's adjudicator is knocked over, and both Jones and Cormier fall off the stage, swinging punches at one another.

Watch the infamous encounter below:

Such was the magnitude of the brawl, that Jones was fined $50,000 and sentenced to 40 hours of community service by the commission for being the instigator of the fight.

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Edited by Utathya Ghosh
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