5 things MMA fighters do that will blow your mind

Lesnar is one of many genetic monsters to come from MMA
Harry Kettle

Being a mixed martial artist is hard and that's probably the most obvious statement you'll read all day. The trials and tribulations that so many of these fighters go through on a daily basis don't bare thinking about, with their end goal being worldwide fame and success. Well, we assume that's what they're aiming for - because if it isn't then what's the point?

But getting back to the point at hand. Whilst a lot of the things on this list may come across as quite strenuous and tasking for people like us, it must virtually be second nature to a lot of the warriors that we see compete on a regular basis inside of the octagon. Sure, it's commendable - but a lot of these guys and girls need to start thinking about their long-term futures.

Every sport has its negatives that directly oppose the positives, but MMA is so unique that it tends to bring more struggles than most. It hasn't detracted more people than ever from signing up to classes all over the world which is a good thing, but we're here to point out a few things for those lucky few who break into the big time.

With that being said, here are five things MMA fighters do that will blow your mind.

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