Anthony Smith and Michael Bisping explain why Colby Covington's lawsuit against Jorge Masvidal may be affected if he fights in the UFC

Michael Bisping (far left), Anthony Smith (left), Colby Covingon & Jorge Masvidal (right)
Michael Bisping (far left), Anthony Smith (left), Colby Covingon & Jorge Masvidal (right)
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Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping and light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith have explained why they believe Colby Covington may have issues with his court case against Jorge Masvidal.

The two men discussed the alleged assault that took place in Miami in March. Masvidal is accused of attacking Covington outside a restaurant. 'Gamebred' has pleaded not guilty to two charges: aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

The court date for the two has now reportedly been agreed for August.

Photo shows Colby Covington’s chipped tooth, Jorge Masvidal attorney questions his ‘mental capacity’ (@MMAFightingSM)…

Discussing the case during a recent episode of Believe You Me, both Bisping and Smith suggested that 'Chaos' may run into some difficulty.

This comes after Covington revealed that he reportedly sustained a brain injury from the attack. The two podcast hosts doubted how well that will hold up in court, as Covington is a cage fighter and will likely go back to fighting after the trial.

'Lionheart' said:

"I do wonder if this Masvidal-Colby thing is the reason Colby is not taking any fights.... Didn't they come out and some of the records that got released or something, and Colby was saying he had some head damage or injury. That's really hard to argue in court when you're sueing someone for a lot of sh*t ton of money and then you can't take a fight."

Bisping, meanwhile, believes that Covington is well within his rights to sue since he was assaulted, but going to the police isn't something he'd personally do.

"He was assaulted. Two combatants. Listen, you do you. Running to the cops is never my first thought. It's not my thing either. Who was it that threw a boomerang at him [Covington]? Werdum. He called the police then. Masvidal should have known!"

Watch the latest episode of Believe You Me here:


Michael Bisping believes Rose Namajunas was too cautious in her loss to Carla Esparza

In another recent episode of the podcast, Michael Bisping discussed the outcome of the rematch between then-strawweight champion Rose Namajunas and challenger Carla Esparza.

"I like Rose. I don't wanna s**t on Rose. I don't. I'm a massive fan of her. I like the way she carries herself. I like everything about her, particularly her fighting style but Saturday night, as I said, she s**t the bed. It's a high-pressure situation, I get it. You're champion of the world, that brings a lot of pressures... You have all this extra money, you have the fame, you have the recognition, you have a lot of perks that come with being the champion of the world. You wanna maintain, you wanna hang on to that. So, therefore, she was playing it a little bit too cautious."

Michael Bisping believes the pressure of being the champ got to Namajunas and her cautious approach was due to the perks of being champion.

'Cookie Monster' won via split decision and became champion for the second time. The pair also broke the record for the fewest strikes in a five-round fight (68).

Watch Michael Bisping discuss Rose Namajunas' loss here:


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