Chael Sonnen explains why Dana White will never take the boxing plunge, even for an exhibition fight

Dana White (left) and Chael Sonnen (right)
Dana White (left) and Chael Sonnen (right)

Chael Sonnen believes Dana White will never foray into the world of boxing again, even if it's only for an exhibition fight. The UFC president recently claimed that boxing "is a broken business," which he apparently has no desire to try to fix.

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White also made it clear that he has no interest in promoting another crossover matchup between boxers and MMA fighters, as he previously did with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather back in 2017. Sonnen feels that the primary reason why White doesn't want to enter the boxing space is that things work much differently in comparison to MMA.

Sonnen also spoke about the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act applicable to boxing, which doesn't allow a promoter to bind fighters under a contract that has clauses preventing them from competing in a professional boxing match against other fighters under contract.

In the UFC, where the 'Ali Act' isn't applicable yet, fighters aren't allowed to compete with athletes from other promotions while being under contract with the organization. In a video on his YouTube channel, 'The American Gangster' spoke about why he thinks Dana White wants to stay away from boxing.

"Wherever you are to go in boxing, you are then going to be confronted with the Ali act which is going to stop you. It's a tremendous problem... the exhibition route is one that Dana is never going to look at for the very reason that I just said, it's simply not sustainable... Dana and the exhibition, it's not going to happen."

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Dana White doesb't want to enter boxing space but UFC fighters are keen to

While Dana White doesn't want anything to do with the sport of boxing right now, there are UFC fighters willing to crossover into the squared circle in hopes of making big paydays.

UFC world champions Francis Ngannou and Kamaru Usman have both expressed a desire to compete in crossover boxing matches down the line.

Usman wants to take on one of the world's best pound-for-pound boxers Canelo Alvarez after defending his title against Leon Edwards in August. Ngannou, on the other hand, plans to share the squared circle with boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Following Fury's win over Dillian Whyte back in April, he and Ngannou announced that they are planning to face each other in a mixed-rules fight sometime next year.

Fury and Ngannou talk hybrid fight.#FuryvsWhyte

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