"Colby is actually not a bad guy" - Urijah Faber believes Colby Covington is just 'trying to get himself noticed' by playing a character

Urijah Faber (left), Colby Covington (right) [Images Courtesy: @urijahfaber @colbycovmma on Instagram]
Urijah Faber (left), Colby Covington (right) [Images Courtesy: @urijahfaber @colbycovmma on Instagram]

Urijah Faber recently discussed the persona Colby Covington seemingly puts on in front of the cameras, remarking that it's not a true reflection of who 'Chaos' is as a person.

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman recently faced off in a much-anticipated rematch at UFC 268. Similar to the first fight, it ebbed and flowed with both men having numerous moments of success over the 25 minutes. However, once again, 'The Nigerian Nightmare' was ultimately left with his arm raised at the end of the bout.

Speaking to Helen Yee, Urijah Faber discussed the fight and gave some further insight into Colby Covington's true personality behind the 'heel' persona he has become so known for. 'The California Kid' had the following to say:

"What a great fight man, I mean I know both those guys well and it was funny to see the very end. Colby's actually not a bad guy. He's trying to get himself noticed. He's not a guy that's super outside the box as an individual so his whole schtick, he put it aside for a second and just showed respect. I like to see that. And it was a war man. Those guys are two of the best fighters on the planet. High-level wrestlers. You know, great genetics, great standup. So, you know, Usman's a champ for a reason."

Urijah Faber discusses who should challenge for Kamaru Usman's title next

The UFC now finds itself in a somewhat awkward position in terms of the the welterweight title picture. Kamaru Usman is beginning to lap the title contenders. He already holds two victories over Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, as well as singular wins against Gilbert Burns and Leon Edwards.

Urijah Faber shared the same sentiment in his interview with Yee. When asked who he believes Usman should fight next, his answer was simple.

"I don't know. I mean, I think, you know, it's hard to say really. I think probably the one that makes him the most money."

You can check out the full interview with Urijah Faber below:


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