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Conor McGregor still has his Irish support, says his coach John Kavanagh

Anwesha Nag
Published 14 Jan 2020, 14:00 IST
14 Jan 2020, 14:00 IST

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Despite what the media is saying, Conor McGregor still has a massive fan base back in his home country Ireland.

Speaking to MMA Fighting's Euro Bash podcast with Peter Carroll, his long-time coach John Kavanagh urged people not to believe everything that is there on social media and see it for themselves, whether McGregor still has his Irish support or not.

John Kavanagh: All I see is mobs of fans

Although the interest surrounding Conor's return is not as much as it used to be leading up to his initial title run, Kavanagh stated that there is no dearth of craze for the Irishman at his home.

"I’d love for people to spend a little bit of time, like I do, driving through town with Conor or having to call into a shop with Conor, and being mobbed for selfies and people shaking his hand and congratulating him."

Kavanagh blames Twitter for spreading the idea that the Irish support for McGregor is falling short this time around. But the scenario is quite different in real life.

"I think people sometimes confuse Twitter life with real life and believe stuff on Twitter, but very, very few people are on Twitter. In real life, when you’re going through Dublin and the airport, there are crowds of people screaming and running up to us."

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Being his coach, Kavanagh has to be present with McGregor during most of his public appearances. When asked if he ever noticed a drop in the number of fans after his submission loss to Khabib in 2018, Kavanagh said that he did not notice any.

"When I'm physically with him, no... all I see is mobs of fan."
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