Curtis Blaydes is a tougher fight for Jon Jones than Francis Ngannou, claims Josh Thomson

Jon Jones (left), Curtis Blaydes (right)
Jon Jones (left), Curtis Blaydes (right)

Former UFC fighter Josh Thomson has claimed that Curtis Blaydes is a tougher match-up for Jon Jones than Francis Ngannou.

Blaydes has been thrown into the limelight this week after reports have suggested that the UFC is planning on booking Jones vs. Ngannou for UFC 285 next year. 'Razor' is rumored to be a back-up fighter should either 'Bones' or 'The Predator' pull out, and many have theorized the 31-year-old's chances should he face the light heavyweight GOAT.

On the latest episode of the WEIGHING IN podcast, Thomson stated that Blaydes is a tougher match-up for Jon Jones due to his wrestling, but being a tougher fight doesn't mean it's more dangerous:

"Curtis Blaydes to me is the tougher fight. Not the more dangerous fight, the tougher fight. Does that make sense? Curtis Blaydes has more tools and more weapons [than Ngannou] and will give Jon more of a fit in the wrestling area. Maybe not a lot but he'll make him work."

Thomson added:

"I'm seriously just trying to say that Curtis Blaydes can wrestle him, stand with him a little bit but doesn't want to get carried away on the feet. Jon Jones may not have the conditioning that we all think in the heavyweight division. He may slow down and he's getting older, he's been off for three years."

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Michael Bisping isn't sure Jon Jones can beat Francis Ngannou

Although Jon Jones is considered the GOAT of the light heavyweight division, Michael Bisping isn't sure that is guaranteed success when he makes his heavyweight debut next year.

Jones vs. Ngannou is being targeted for UFC 285 in March, but the 35-year-old hasn't fought anybody with the KO potential and power of 'The Predator'. The heavyweight champ has finished 10 of his 12 UFC victories via KO/TKO and demonstrated some high-level wrestling in his victory over Ciryl Gane back in January.

During a recent Q&A on his YouTube channel, Bisping gave his take on the potential heavyweight clash. According to 'The Count', 'Bones' is undoubtedly the more technical fighter but Ngannou always has the power to end the fight in an instant:

"Of course, technically, Jon is the better fighter but Francis [just needs] one touch, one glimpse of a shot, you're going to sleep. So I don't know."

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