Did Mike Tyson win a gold medal for the USA in the Olympics?

Mike Tyson at the Orlando Cruz v Orlando Salido fight [Image courtesy: Getty]
Mike Tyson at the Orlando Cruz v Orlando Salido fight [Image courtesy: Getty]

Although Mike Tyson is a household name when it comes to boxing greats. 'Iron' Mike has never won any medals for the United States at the Olympic level. His efforts in the 1984 Olympic trials were undone by a remarkable performance from Henry Tillman.


While he certainly dreamt of representing his country on the grandest stage of them all, Olympic glory is something that has forever eluded the boxing legend. With the likes of Evander Holyfield vying for the same spot, the 1984 Olympic trials were rife with competition.

Not all doom and gloom for Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson entered the combat sports circuit with a bang. Identified as a prodigy early on, his speed and agility were on display from the get go. While Olympic glory at the professional level eluded him, he managed to go all the way during the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympics.

What makes this feat all the more impressive is the fact that he managed to accomplish all this at the tender age of 15. Tyson managed to bag the gold at the 1981 Junior Olympics by knocking Joe Cortez out within 8 seconds of the first bell.


Mike Tyson enjoyed similar success at the 1982 Junior Olympics. Overcoming the challenge presented by Kelton Brown, Mike Tyson solidified his position at the top of the foodchain in the amateur heavyweight boxing circuit.

As the reigning champion, Mike Tyson went into the fight as the overwhelming favorite. Pushing the towering Brown to the ropes and raining down on him with a flurry of shots, Mike Tyson forced Team Brown to throw in the towel to protect their boxer.

'Iron' Mike, at that stage, was being viewed as a major prospect to represent the United States at the Olympic level. However, what followed was a lot of heartbreak and sorrow for 'The Baddest Man on the Planet'. Needless to say, he quickly turned his luck around at the professional level.

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