Francis Ngannou career earnings: How much money has 'The Predator' made in his UFC career?

Francis Ngannou is one of the scariest individuals in UFC history. [@francisngannou via Instagram,]
Francis Ngannou is one of the scariest individuals in UFC history. [@francisngannou via Instagram,]

Francis Ngannou's career earnings are estimated to be around $2,800,000, as reported by The Sports Daily. Ngannou is the current UFC heavyweight champion and is known for his disastrous and raw punching power.

'The Predator' arrived in the UFC in 2015 and immediately made a resounding statement by knocking out Luis Enrique in the second round of their matchup on UFC on Fox: Dos Anjos vs. Cowboy 2.

According to Sports Daily, he reportedly earned $22,500 for the fight which included $10,000 to show, $10,000 win bonus and a $2,500 Reebok sponsorship.

Ngannou's biggest pay day of his career came at UFC 260 when the Cameroonian fought Stipe Miocic in a rematch for the heavyweight title.

His purse totalled $580,000 which included $500,000 to show, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus and $30,000 fight week incentive pay.

His second biggest payout in the UFC also came against the same opponent. Francis Ngannou faced Stipe Miocic for the first time at UFC 220.

Before the fight, 'The Predator' was on a supreme 10-fight winning streak. However, Miocic's wrestling and experience at the elite level proved to be the difference in the fight as the Cleveland native managed to secure a unanimous decision victory against Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou made a total of $530,000 for the fight including $500,000 to show and $30,000 Reebok sponsorship.

Francis Ngannou will now defend his title for the first time against interim heavyweight title holder Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

Teddy Atlas believes Ciryl Gane could frustrate Francis Ngannou

During an interview with The Schmo, popular boxing trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas praised Ciryl Gane's elusiveness and revealed that he expects the French fighter to present Ngannou with a frustrating challenge.

"Talking about the sweet science, you're talking about [Ciryl] Gane. You're talking about a guy who can become a ghost in the ring," exclaimed Atlas. "He can become a guy who can frustrate the c**p out of you. We already know Ngannou can pick up the Statue of Liberty... and he's improved...but Gane is going to be difficult for him. He's going to look to make him miss. He's going to look to control range. He's going to look to counter punch... He's going to look to disarm him."

Watch The Schmo's interview with Teddy Atlas below:


Interestingly, Francis Ngannou is on the last fight of his UFC contract and has been demanding a pay rise, an issue that has strained 'The Predator's relationship with the promotion.

What remains to be seen is if the UFC and Ngannou can come to an agreement regarding Ngannou's contract. Perhaps an impressive title defense against Ciryl Gane could give the 35-year-old more leverage for future negotiations.

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