Georges St-Pierre posts series of memes of his bronze statue being a Barack Obama lookalike

Georges St-Pierre found humor in memes of his statue [Image Courtesy: @georgesstpierre on Instagram]
Georges St-Pierre found humor in memes of his statue [Image Courtesy: @georgesstpierre on Instagram]
Nick Langton

Georges St-Pierre is one of the biggest legends in Canada, and hence it was only a matter of time before he was recognized by his nation. On July 9, 2021, a new statue of the former UFC champion by Montreal-born sculptor Tali Levesque was unveiled in St-Pierre's hometown of Saint-Isodore, Quebec.

However, the bronze statue did bear a striking similarity to one of the greatest names of the 21st century. St-Pierre uploaded a series of memes where people were comparing the statue to former US president Barack Obama. GSP captioned the post:

"Wait, what? No! My bronze statue looks like me, I swear! Man, I love the Internet"

Georges St-Pierre uploaded four memes, two of which were taken from Twitter. But jokes aside, fans do see a striking resemblance between the two.

See GSP's post below:

The new public square of “Place GSP” contains the statue and detailed biography of the fighter’s life. It is located south of the Saint-Lawrence River, about 30 km from Montreal’s city center.

It's undeniable that the statue perhaps does resemble Barack Obama, and GSP is a good sport as always, finding humor in the situation. That said, he must be chuffed about the fact that his city and country have recognized his achievements to this extent.

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Georges St-Pierre and a potential comeback to the UFC

While St-Pierre is now retired, his incredible fitness and physique never allow the speculation of a comeback fight to end. The Canadian fighter is still actively training and has never looked this shredded before.

There was a lot of talk about a megafight between the former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and GSP. However, the fight didn't materialize, and all the rumors have since boiled down.

Georges St-Pierre is still open to competition, and he hasn't ruled out a new challenge to go box Oscar De La Hoya. However, that fight didn't materialize either as the UFC had GSP under contract.

It's unlikely that fans will see 'Rush' compete in a cage or a ring in the future. Regardless, he will always be one of the greatest fighters to have ever graced the sport of mixed martial arts.

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