Daniel Cormier changes his opinion about his nemesis Jon Jones

Jon Jones (left), Daniel Cormier (right)
Jon Jones (left), Daniel Cormier (right)

Despite having strong disdain for Jon Jones in the past, Daniel Cormier has changed his tune on the Hall-of-Fame star. Cormier stated that no matter what he does next, his sheer talent will see him perform well.

For the past few years, 'Bones' has been preparing his body to move up in weight and chase the title in a second division. Though it has taken some time, it seems like one of the the greatest fighters of all time will be making his comeback and has his sights set on a number of heavyweight contenders.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Daniel Cormier expressed his change of opinion on Jon Jones, and stated his belief that the former 205lb champion will capture heavyweight gold upon his return.

"My opinion of him has changed in this regard [and] I think that he's so talented that regardless, he'll be okay. And I also believe that he's going to make sure that he still can compete... You know what's crazy, like, everybody [is] talking about three years, three years, but there are other people that have come back. Georges St-Pierre won a championship after being away all that time."

The two legends have shared the octagon on two occasions, with Cormier coming up short in their first outing. Despite scoring a head kick knockout in their second bout, Jones' win was overturned by CSAC due to a failed drug test.

Check out what the Olympic wrestler had to say about his former rival in the video below:

What caused Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's rivalry?

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are two of the greatest fighters to ever compete in the sport of mixed martial arts, but what exactly sparked a decade-long rivalry between the two?

Both men have been embroiled in a feud that has spanned over ten years dating all the way back to their first encounter. According to 'Bones', the two met backstage at UFC 121 and a seemingly friendly exchange left a sour taste in 'DC's' mouth after he made a 'joke' about being able to take the Olympian down.

Years later, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier met inside the octagon and things only grew worse from there. Seen by many as the greatest rivalry the UFC has ever had, both light heavyweights produced some iconic moments that will live on forever and are, to this day, still being referenced around the world.

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