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Exclusive: “Mini Khabib” talks about her UFC 229 experience and more

2.48K   //    12 Oct 2018, 08:09 IST

"Mini Khabib" at T-Mobile Arena.

The Dagestani legend, Khabib Nurmagomedov's triumph over the "Notorious One" certainly marks a new milestone in combat sports history. In the MMA world, some of us like to call this new era, "The Khabib Time".

Yes, without any skepticism, the world today had acknowledged the beginning of this era. But a little girl from San Diego, California had prophesied this year's ago. She is a very familiar face at the UFC events for the past couple of years. And the MMA world respectfully calls her "Mini Khabib".

She even predicted the outcome of UFC 229 with her friend and veteran MMA analyst Robin Black. Khabib's youngest superfan 'Mini Khabib' is so popular (80K Instagram followers and counting) that she is now considered a part of "Team Khabib" and can be spotted wearing a Papakha hat (Khabib hat) with other members of Khabib's entourage during most of the UFC events.

She usually gets a place next to the UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov during open workouts and similar events. And, she even got an opportunity to be on live TV by entering the Octagon along with Khabib after he defeated Edson Barbosa.

It's Khabib Time...
It's Khabib Time...

"Mini Khabib" had graced the T-Mobile arena on the historic day when her idol faced his longtime rival in one of the biggest sporting events of all time. Let's see what "Mini Khabib" has to say after the event since its Khabib Time...

You know I am a hardcore McGregor fan. But can't deny, Khabib did an excellent job in the fight against the "Notorious One". What are your thoughts on the UFC 229 headline fight and the subsequent Brawl?

It was awesome to see Khabib win. Yes, I agree they are both the best at the weight class. Khabib showed he was just on another level but both are a future Hall of Famers. I really didn’t realize what exactly happened until I left the arena. Khabib never even hit anyone he just dove out and towards Conor’s guy. Sorry your guy lost he’s still a legend


Did any McGregor fan say anything to you? How close to the Cageside where you seated?

Yes, a lot of McGee fans were very rude and hostile to the Khabib fans. Most were drunk or acting immature but there were a few cool respectful Conor fans as well, but most acted like toddlers. I acted more grown up than them.

Conor fans would pick fights with Khabib fans then get beat up by the Khabib fans I think the Conor fans went 0-50 in fights.

Where you worried watching some of the best men in combat resorting to violence outside the cage?

I was not close to the cage I had middle section seats but they were great. To be honest I bought standing room only seats and snuck into the VIP section. I sat next to Mike Perry and Michael Johnson. And a famous actor from one of my favorite TV shows (Shameless).

I didn’t realize what was going on it was unclear to a lot of the audience. So half the audience thought fans were just brawling with each other. I honestly thought it was just more drunk fans fighting who were upset Conor lost.

Leaving the aftermath of the main event, how good was the card according to you? Which fight did you enjoy the most other than the main event?

I thought it was one of the best UFC events I watched live. But honestly, I was so focused on Khabib vs Conor it was hard to think of other fights.

Did you meet any other UFC celebrities this time? And did you get time to meet Khabib ahead of the fight?

I saw Conor’s biggest fan, Robbie (Robbie Fox). He said he was super nervous. He’s much different than his actual character.

I didn’t see Khabib I honestly didn’t wanna bother him before the fight so I didn’t try I thought it would be selfish to do that he’s already been so kind and given me so much of his time

If Artem didn’t get cut from the UFC, neither should Zubair -
If Artem didn’t get cut from the UFC, neither should Zubair - "Mini Khabib"

Do you Know Khabib’s friend Zubaira Tukhugov? What are your thoughts about UFC not letting Zubaira fight Artem Lobov? 

Yes, I made an Instagram post for Khabib's friends. I don't think the UFC or Dana White will appreciate it. But I had to stand up for Khabib and his team.T hey always stood up for me. So I had to do what is right. I really hope my post brings some more attention to it all.

I'm sure I will probably be out of the good grace of the UFC with this Instagram post but I'm willing to do that to stand up for Khabib and his team.

"Mini Khabib" breaking down 'McGregor Vs Khabib' with Robin Black.

How was meeting Robin Black? Can we see you partnering for more breakdown videos with the UFC analyst in the future?

Robin was great! We have plans to work together soon due to the brawl those plans got postponed but we will definitely collaborate again soon.

It is clearly "Khabib Time" now. When can we witness the "Mini KhabibTime". Can we see you fighting in the UFC?

Yes, I just started training at a UFC gym in San Diego and I’m hoping to get some local UFC fighters to guide me. I’d like to have at least one professional fight when I grow up.

Thank you so much for your time "Mini Khabib". Its always an absolute privilege speaking with you. And, I'm sure your Instagram will hit a million followers in no time.

That’s so sweet of you to say thank you. I don’t care about followers I only made a social media because there was a lot of fake accounts of me so I had to stop that by making a real one and then I kept posting as it was So fun to interact with the MMA community. Thanks so much and whenever anything interesting comes up I’ll be sure to let you know first.

Follow "Mini Khabib" on Twitter & Instagram @Mini_Khabib. You can also find her vlogs on Youtube.