"Ariel... you're gonna get your a** kicked" - Javier Mendez quips that 'The Schmo' will thump Ariel Helwani inside the octagon

Ariel Helwani (left), The Schmo (right)
Ariel Helwani (left), The Schmo (right)

Making an appearance on a recent episode of The Schmozone, Javier Mendez went on record to suggest that The Schmo would come out on top if he ever came face-to-face with Ariel Helwani in a fight.

Schmo told Mendez that, ideally, he would compete at 165lbs if he ever got involved in a grappling or MMA match for charity, making it clear that his preferred opponent would be Helwani.

While he was surprised by Schmo's comments, Javier Mendez still sided with the podcast host over The MMA Hour's Ariel Helwani, saying:

"Ariel, if you're watching this, you're gonna get your a** kicked. I'm going with The Schmo."

Schmo then indicated that Helwani would never agree to his terms, thus confirming that any form of charity event between the two will most likely never take place.

Below, check out the latest episode of The Schmozone with Javier Mendez, where the two sit down to cover Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez, and numerous other MMA-related subjects.


Ariel Helwani and The Schmo's feud

According to The Schmo, the dispute between the two MMA reporters started when Ariel Helwani gave him a fake email address when he was in need of advice.

Speaking on The Accent Podcast, Schmo had this to say:

"The truth behind that is, when I was starting out, I saw him, I said hey, this is who I am... I reached out to him in person [at my] first UFC event, and I asked him for his email, or he offered to give me his email. He gave me a fake email address that wasn't even his."

Despite saying there was no animosity between the two, The Schmo shared details on his idea for a charity grappling match.

"This isn't a punching match, this isn't a bloodshed. This is a charity, and I emphasize charity, this is a charity grappling match during holiday time. Raise it for a good cause, winner gets to pick the charity of their cause."

Although the pair have been feuding for years now, the talk of their fight, whether in grappling or MMA, sees no signs of dying down.

Be sure to check out The Schmo's interview with The Accent Podcast from 2020, below:


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