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MMA News: Tito Ortiz vows to decimate Alberto 'El Patron' Rodriguez within the first round

Anurag Mitra
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:58 IST

Alberto Rodriguez and Tito Ortiz
Alberto Rodriguez and Tito Ortiz

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz is hell bent on decimating former WWE superstar Alberto 'El Patron' Rodriguez when they face off in the main event of the Combate Americas pay-per-view in Hidalgo, Texas on 7th December .

Ortiz promises to donate $50,000 to charity should El Patron manage to make it past the first round

At a recent press conference, Ortiz made his thoughts on the upcoming fight clear by claiming that he would donate $50,000 to charity if 'El Patron' manages to make it past the first round against him. (h/t MMA Fighting)

Alberto Del Rio picked me to compete against. He picked the wrong person to compete against. If he can get past the first round, I told him I’ll donate $50,000 to his charity. This guy don’t understand who he’s fighting. I’m an animal.

Comparing himself to a hungry lion, Ortiz said that he will be all over El Patron once the cage door shuts behind the pair.

When that cage is locked, you guys are gonna be turning on the Discovery Channel on pay-per-view, because I’m gonna be a vicious lion that hasn’t eaten in a long time. And this lion’s gonna roar.

Ortiz claims that he didn't take up the fight against El Patron for the pay-day but to further his legacy and to show the world that he is not finished yet.

People think, ‘Oh, it’s an easy fight for you.’ It’s not about the fight. It’s about my name. It’s about my legacy. It’s about everything I’m gonna put into it so I can show my performance on Dec. 7. And I’m thankful for having Campbell give me the opportunity to show my skills, to show what I’m really made of.
I shouldn’t be sitting here right now. I really shouldn’t, competing at the level that I am, training at the level I am with the athletes that I’m training with, the fighters I’m training with. No other fighter has done it. No other fighter has had a career as long as I have with the injuries I’ve had and to be able to bounce back the way I have. It just shows that I’m a very mentally strong person, very intelligent, and I’m skilled professionally. And I have been doing it now for 22 years. There’s not one other fighter in this world that’s been doing it as long as I have, at the level I have, for as many years as I have. Continuous years, non-stop, I’ve never taken a full year off.

In his last bout, Ortiz landed a vicious first round KO on Chuck Liddell, earning his first win against arch-rival Liddell in the trilogy fight.

Published 07 Nov 2019, 17:53 IST
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