AEW star Britt Baker willing to fight Jake and Logan Paul for "million dollar Charizard card"

Britt Baker(left); Jake Paul(center); Logan Paul(right) via Instagram/ loganpaul
Britt Baker(left); Jake Paul(center); Logan Paul(right) via Instagram/ loganpaul
Manjit Sarmah

Britt Baker was recently seen getting candid in an interview where she jokingly called out Logan Paul and his brother Jake for a fight but on one condition.

Logan Paul astonished Pokemon fans around the world when he wore a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard card around his neck to the ring for his exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, 2021. Paul bought the PSA 10 Charizard card for $150,000.

Logan Paul wearing the Charizard he paid $150,000 for on a necklace.

Many had their eyes on the valuable collectible, including AEW women's champ Britt Baker. During a recent interview with TMZSports, Baker humorously claimed that she is eager to take on the Paul brothers if 'The Maverick' is ready to put his million-dollar Charizard card on the line.

'Role Model' said:

"Listen if Logan Paul wants to taste the DMD, tell them to come my way. Same with Jake Paul. I'll fight you for that million dollar Charizard card."

Watch Britt Baker jokingly call out the Paul brothers below:


Logan Paul got scammed with fake Pokemon cards which he bought for $3.5 million dollars

Logan Paul reportedly paid $3.5 million for 1st Edition Pokemon Card Booster Cases he purchased back in December. The YouTuber was unwrapping the packs for a video when he noticed the box was filled with G.I. Joe trading cards.

The legitimacy of the cards was also investigated by fansite Pokébeach and YouTuber Rattle, who found that they were unlikely to be real. Paul traveled to Chicago to meet with representatives from the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) to confirm his suspicions.

Later, Paul shared a video featuring snippets from his meeting with BBCE officials. In the video, the YouTuber-turned-boxer said:

“Oh, man. I’m a super-positive person, bro. And I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side. And I’m trying, but this is very hard. It’s just so sad for all parties involved. It’s sad for the Pokemon community; like, how many fraudulent things are out there. I’m grateful for the things that I have that are real now...I’m literally like, I’m picturing my Charizard [Pokemon card] in my head. Oh my God! Holy sh**! Like, something real; something worth a lot of money that is real. Damn, bro. I just went from 11 first edition boxes to 5. No, yeah, to 5. We got f**ked. End of story.”

Watch 'The Maverick' talk about the scam below:


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