"Already better than UFC 5"- Footage of new Muay Thai video game in development has fans buzzing

Muay Thai
Footage of new Muay Thai video game (main photo) in development has fans buzzing (small screenshot)(Image courtesy: @CombatESportsM on Twitter]

Fans are intrigued by a new Muay Thai video game that is being developed after a teaser video was released.

UFC 5 was officially released on Oct 24,and fans purchased the video game hoping to see improvements from the last edition. Unfortunately, it didn’t take them long to begin complaining about missing fighters and poor graphics.

As a result, MMA gamers have re-sparked their interest in an alternative to the UFC video games created by EA Sports. Earlier this week, an Indie company called Overhand Interactive shared a video of a Muay Thai game they are working on.

The clip went viral when “Combat eSports Media” re-posted the footage on Twitter with the caption:

“There's A Brand New Muay Thai Game In Development From A Studio Named 'Overhand Interactive' (@OverhandInt). Now The Game Currently Does Not Have But More Gameplay Will Release This Weekend! Here's A Sneak Peek Of The Game”

Fans filled the comment section with excitement. Here is what some fans are saying:

“This actually looks dope”
“How is the majority of the punches already better than undisputed”
“Definitely a really good looking game rn, can't wait to see what happens by next yesr”
“This game looking like an instant buy”
“Animations look great actually wtf”
“Already better than ufc 5”
Twitter comments
Twitter comments

Check out a sneak peek of the new game below:

Where can additional footage of the developing Muay Thai game be found?

The developing video game has sparked interest among MMA fans. That said, the small Indie company has a long way to go before releasing a finished product that will make people dish out their hard-earned money.

Luckily, more footage of the work in progress is expected to be released during the New Year’s weekend. Video game streamer “Martial Mind” provided an update on Twitter about how to check out the extended gameplay video later this week:

“Reacted to this game yesterday. Super promising. According to discord, They’ll be dropping gameplay on their YouTube channel this weekend.”

It’ll be intriguing to see if Overhand Interactive can manage to release the new Muay Thai video game and win over MMA fans who complained about UFC 5.

Notably, they seem to be on track, as their Twitter account allegedly went from less than 20 followers to over 700 since they shared the first gameplay footage.

Edited by Kanav Seth