Andrew Tate flames "evil" journalist for calling Sam Smith's mini-skirt look "sensational"

Andrew Tate and Sam Smith
Andrew Tate (left) and Sam Smith (right) [Images Courtesy: @Cobratate on Twitter and @samsmith on Instagram]

Andrew Tate launched fiery criticism against a journalist who described Sam Smith's mini-skirt look as sensational.

The English singer is known for his unconventional fashion choices and self-expression as a non-binary individual continues to make headlines. Recently, Smith caught the public's attention once again when spotted in New York City donning a white mini-skirt, alongside his rumored partner Christian Cowan:

The news of this fashion statement spread through the media, with a journalist from a renowned US-based media house reporting on the appearance, he wrote:

"Sam Smith looks sensational in cool white mini-skirt on walk through New York with rumoured boyfriend."

The news article caught the eye of the provocative social media influencer Andrew Tate, who vehemently criticized the journalist's language while reporting on Smith's attire.

In a tweet, 'Cobra' not only rebuked the specific journalist but also took a dig at other media outlets that tend to associate his name with controversial subjects:

"These are the people who say I am evil."

Check out Tate's tweet below:

Credits: @Cobratate on Twitter
Credits: @Cobratate on Twitter

Tate's comment seemed to subtly criticize the modern gender ideology movement in the U.S., which often faces significant backlash.

Andrew Tate savagely criticizes Adin Ross as the latter claims to be changing his life for the better

Twitch streamer Adin Ross recently made a guest appearance on Andrew Tate's podcast, Emergency Meeting, where they engaged in a candid conversation about personal growth and positive life changes.

During the interaction, Ross shared that he had decided to leave behind his drug addiction and expressed his determination to undergo a transformative journey by the year's end. However, the former professional kickboxer was skeptical of Ross' promises and fiercely grilled the 22-year-old streamer:

"I've tried long enough with you. And, for some reason, you keep getting dragged back down to degeneracy. I've heard all this sh*t before from you, Adin. I'm no longer emotionally invested. I don't give a fu*k if you end up homeless on the street. Fentanyl addict, injecting yourself with whatever poison you decide you need on that day. Completely uninterested. Don't even text me. I don't care!"

Check out Tate's comments below (from 5:50):


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