Andrew Tate's brother 'praying' for Jamie Foxx, Nate Diaz wants Jake Paul fight moved, MMA fans hound Greg Hardy for KO loss: MMA News Roundup

MMA News Roundup: Greg Hardy (left), Nate Diaz (right) [Images courtesy of @natediaz209 on Instagram & @spinningbackfist on Twitter]
MMA News Roundup: Greg Hardy (left), Nate Diaz (right) [Images courtesy of @natediaz209 on Instagram & @spinningbackfist on Twitter]

Welcome to Sportskeeda's daily MMA News Roundup, where we present the biggest UFC updates and other stories from the world of mixed martial arts.

In today's issue, we talk Andrew Tate's brother Tristan and his support for Jamie Foxx's medical treatment, Nate Diaz's desire to move fight against Jake Paul and Greg Hardy suffers his latest KO loss.

#1. Tristan Tate sends message of support to Jamie Foxx amidst his stay in hospital

Hollywood A-lister and singer Jamie Foxx has been at the forefront of his fans minds in recent weeks after he was taken to a medical facility and has remained hospitalized since April 11.

There has been much speculation by mainstream media about Foxx's health, which is believed to have been caused by a medical complication. Some reports have even suggested the issues have been caused by a blood clot as a result of his COVID-19 vaccine and that he could be 'paralyzed' and 'blind'.

Due to the ambiguity surrounding Jamie Foxx's health, fans have opted to either spread messages of support to the actor and his family or have remained sceptical until anything has been confirmed by a legitmate source.

Despite that, Andrew Tate's brother Tristan has opted to share on Twitter that his thoughts and prayers are with Foxx and hopes he returns to good health. He tweeted:

"I'll be praying for @iamjamiefoxx and his family tonight."

Foxx allegedly suffered an accident whilst filming with Cameron Diaz back in April. The 55-year-old was then taken to a medical centre in Chicago which specializes in strokes and recovery.

Despite all the speculation, Foxx's family has remained silent about his wellbeing but his daughter has maintained on social media that the Hollywood star will infact be okay.

#2. Nate Diaz uses GIF to demand location change for boxing bout against Jake Paul

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul are set to meet inside the squared circle on August 5, 2023 in a bout that marks the former UFC star's boxing debut.

The fight was announced earlier this year and the pair were set to meet inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, however Diaz has now suggested he'd like the event to be moved to a different state.

Texas is notorious for its tough stance on drug use, including marijuana, despite the leniency now shown for the drug by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The Stockton native is known to smoke marijuana reguarly.

In typical Nate Diaz style, the former MMA fighter took to Twitter to express his displeasure after learning the Texas state's stance on Marijuana.

Diaz demanded that the boxing bout be moved by using a hilarious GIF of the Homer Simpson meme where he backs into a bush. In this case, however, the bush had been replaced with smoke, referring to his drug use.

"We gonna have to move states"

Diaz's tweet comes soon after a statement that was released by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation which claimed that all fighters on the August 5 card will have to undergo rigorous testing, including for marijuana.

A fighter can have upto a 50 ng/ml THC threshold in their body. A result with a higher dose is punishable by the state with a suspension of 90 days and a fine. Fighters are also tested a day after the fight, which could change the result of their fights to a no-contest if they fail.

#3. Greg Hardy suffers trolling from MMA fans after latest KO loss

Former MMA fighter and controversial figure Greg Hardy has been suffering the full brunt of the MMA community after he suffered his latest KO loss whilst boxing for Team Combat League.

Hardy's controversy stems from his time prior to stepping into the octagon, when he was a professional NFL player. In 2014, the 34-year-old was arrested and found guilty of physically abusing his former girlfriend. Despite the charges, however, the case was eventually thrown out after the victim failed to show up at court.

The NFL weren't satifised with the verdict and instead conducted their own investigation, where they found sufficient evidence of atleast four occasions Greg Hardy was physically abusive.

Since leaving MMA, the 'Prince of War' has opted to try his hand at boxing, suffering his first loss in the ring to Alexander Flores in brutal fashion.

Catch the clip here:

MMA fans have since trolled the 34-year-old for his loss, with many feeling like it's deserved due to his past actions.

"Dont have the same power when it's not a woman half his size"
"It's always going to be a good day when you see Greg Hardy get knocked out."
"Not a lot of success since leaving the women's division."

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