"Anytime, anyplace, anywhere" - Tyson Fury responds to Francis Ngannou's callout

Tyson Fury (Left), Francis Ngannou (Left)
Tyson Fury (Left), Francis Ngannou (Left)
Deepit Sharma

Tyson Fury recently took to Twitter to respond to Francis Ngannou as the latter called 'The Gypsy King' out for a fight.

Newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has many plans to solidify his legacy as one of the best combat sports athletes ever. 'The Predator' announced what he has in mind for the future on Twitter. Ngannou wrote:

"I'll take care of [Jon Jones] first then come after [Tyson Fury]."

Tyson Fury wasted no time in responding to Francis Ngannou's call-out. He posted a video on Twitter addressing Ngannou and any UFC fighter who wished to fight him. Fury said:

"This is a message to Francis Ngannou and the UFC guys. Look, you want some of this Gypsy King money, you know where to come find it. You want some of this Gypsy King power, I'll give it to you. Anytime, any place, anywhere. Seven days a week and twice on a Sunday. You big, ugly dosser."

Francis Ngannou has called Tyson Fury out on multiple occasions

This is not the first time that Francis Ngannou has expressed his desire to participate in professional boxing. The Cameroonian has always said that his original dream was to become a world champion boxer.

This is not even the first time that Francis Ngannou has mentioned being interested in a fight with Tyson Fury. Widely considered the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury has held the WBC and The Ring magazine titles since he defeated 'The Bronze Bomber' Deontay Wilder last year.

So a fight against Tyson Fury will surely quench Francis Ngannou's desire to get a shot at becoming a boxing champion. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, he reiterated his wish to fight Tyson Fury. Ngannou said:

"I don't want to fight Mike Tyson but I would like to fight other heavyweight boxers such as Tyson Fury. [On the prospect of competing in a super-fight] Absolutely, I'm open to it. Remember, boxing was my primary dream and I always had and still have the fire and the dream inside me. I believe that at some point I'm going to take that step."

However, this is also not the first time Tyson Fury has reacted to having a boxing match with Francis Ngannou. In a recent interview with ESPN, Tyson Fury entertained the possibility of boxing Francis Ngannou, and even gave a prediction of how the fight would go down. Fury said:

"So he’s talking about boxing but this is a different world, you know. I’ll eat him up and spit him out seven times a day. If I go into MMA and he starts scrubbing me and riffing me to the floor and wrestling me, it’s not gonna be an even match... So, it’ll be like ten times harder for him going into boxing than it’ll be for me going into MMA. It’s a different world."

By the looks of it, there is a huge chance that Francis Ngannou may end up inside the boxing ring opposite Tyson Fury.

Edited by John Cunningham

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