"That's my biggest goal" - Arian Sadikovic aiming to bring home a world title to Germany and Bosnia

Arian Sadikovic is hoping to add gold to his possession on April 22. | [Photo: ONE Championship]
Arian Sadikovic is hoping to add gold to his possession on April 22. | [Photo: ONE Championship]

Arian Sadikovic is heading into battle hoping to make both his homeland and his adoptive home proud by winning a world title for them.

On Friday, April 22, Sadikovic will challenge Regian Eersel for the ONE lightweight kickboxing world championship in the main event of ONE 156: Eersel vs. Sadikovic in Singapore.

The journey to the top did not start in the most ideal circumstances for 'Game Over'. The 27-year-old was born and raised in Hannover, Germany by Bosnian parents who fled their homeland during the Yugoslav Wars in the early 1990s.

In an interview with ONE Championship, Sadikovic shared that his parents’ transition to their adoptive home was not an easy one:

“For my parents, life in Germany was hard for the first few years. They lived in the refugee home [with me and my older brother]. They didn’t speak German. They had nothing in Germany. So yeah, the start was very hard.”

The country seemingly embraced Sadikovic and his family. He later thrived in martial arts in Germany while being raised by the values of his Bosnian parents. As such, he believes that it is only proper to honor both his adoptive country and his parents’ homeland:

“I want to become the Lightweight World Champion of ONE Championship. That’s my biggest goal,” he said. “When I win the belt, I want to go back first to Germany. And later I also want to go to Bosnia – the place where my family grew up – to show them because I have a lot of family in Bosnia, and the most support I have is in Bosnia and Sandzak.”

Arian Sadikovic is in for an uphill battle against Regian Eersel

Winning the world title may be the goal for Arian Sadikovic, but nobody said that it would just be handed to him.

Sadikovic faces a man who has not lost since 2016 - Regian Eersel. ‘The Immortal’ is on an incredible 18-fight win streak and is planning to add another spectacular win to the list in his fourth world title defense.

However, Arian Sadikovic believes that he's the better boxer and intends to prove the same when they meet in the circle.

Find out who will reign supreme on Friday, April 22 at the main event of ONE 156: Eersel vs. Sadikovic. The event will be broadcast live from Singapore at 5:00PM SGT.

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