“Beast mode!” - Fans can’t wait for Liam Harrison’s inevitable return from nasty leg injury

ONE Muay Thai contender Liam Harrison [Credit: ONE Championship]
ONE Muay Thai contender Liam Harrison [Credit: ONE Championship]

‘Hitman’ Liam Harrison is expected to receive a hero’s welcome from his fans as soon as he’s fully recovered from his leg injury.

The Muay Thai superstar has been on the mend for some time now since suffering a devastating injury during his fight with Nong-O Hama at ONE on Prime Video 1.

While many would’ve considered to be a career-ending injury, Harrison, for his part, never did. He defied expectations and is miraculously recovering at a rapid rate.

This week, he uploaded a heartening video on Instagram showing fans his progress.

In the caption, he wrote:

“Been a while since i've been able to make @richardsmith_badcompany_gym make that face 🤣7 months post surgery now and finally starting to feel like my old self only 2 more months until the surgeon signs me off and I can return to the @onechampionship ring 😎🙌🏻 #muaythaipads #padwork #combatsports #nakmuay.”

Harrison's fans immediately took to Instagram to rally behind their man, commending him for his perseverance and strength of will to fight. Check out what they said below:

Fan comments #1
Fan comments #1
Fan comments #2
Fan comments #2

It’s an understatement to say that Liam Harrison has had a rough start to the year. However, the Leeds native is no stranger to overcoming adversity. In fact, he always comes back stronger. As his potential return quickly approaches, fans must be wondering what’s next for the ‘Hitman.’

After suffering defeat at the hands of Nong-O Hama last August, Harrison has been bumped down in the rankings to No. 5. Although an immediate rematch with Nong-O Hama is warranted, it will be a while before he gets a shot at him or Jonathan Haggerty for the bantamweight world title.

Ahead of him is Felipe Lobo and Saemapetch Fairtex - both of whom are coming off spectacular Muay Thai victories this past year.

It is clear though, that Harrison understands this. In past interviews, he said he’s willing to take on a couple of more fights before eventually fighting for the world title. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long.

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