Ben Askren rematch a "lose-lose situation" for Jake Paul, says UFC fighter-turned-podcaster

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren. [via Getty Images]
Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren. [via Getty Images]

Social media star Jake Paul's boxing record is riddled with three former UFC mixed martial artists, all of whom he has defeated. The first of the three was former Bellator champion Ben Askren, whom Paul faced in April 2021 in a fight that proved to be the first real indication of Paul's boxing potential.

'The Problem Child' recently announced that he has made the switch to MMA by signing on with the Professional Fighters League. The move opens up the possibility of Paul rematching against his former MMA opponents in their preferred combat sport.

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub weighed in on a potential MMA rematch between Ben Askren and the younger Paul brother. Schaub spoke to 'The Schmo' in an interview and said:

"I absolutely love Ben [Askren], I hope he gets that fight. I don't think it's going to happen because Ben would absolutely Jake [Paul] when it comes to MMA and wrestling. I- Jake wouldn't do it. 'Cause how you gonna, kind of, outdo yourself from that knockout?"
"The way he knocked him out, you can't- you can't do better than that. So just, it's just a lose-lose situation for Jake."

Schaub stated that Paul's remarkable first-round knockout victory over Askren could not be outdone and hence, it would not make sense for Paul to agree to a rematch. The former UFC heavyweight also backed Askren to comfortably win in an MMA rematch.

Check out the complete fight between Paul and Askren:


Check out Brendan Schaub's comments on The Schmo's YouTube channel:


Daniel Cormier believes Jake Paul will fight in MMA

Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier was not fond of Jake Paul earlier and the two have had a few run-ins and disagreements.

However, in a recent video, 'DC' revealed that the two have made up and are on good terms. Cormier also addressed Paul's latest announcement regarding his switch to mixed martial arts (MMA).

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Cormier said:

“But will Jake Paul actually fight in the PFL? A lot of boxers say they’re going to fight, but the never actually do... Jake Paul was a high-school wrestler there [in Ohio] and so was his brother Logan, and they weren’t bad. So although it seems as though Jake Paul does a lot of things to drum up interest, I believe this one. He’ll actually fight.”

Check out Daniel Cormier's full comments on YouTube:


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