Bert Kreischer's fight challenge led to UFC champ Israel Adesanya's surprise comedy show appearance in New Zealand

Bert Kreischer and Israel Adesanya [Photo credit: @Stylebender - Twitter]
Bert Kreischer and Israel Adesanya [Photo credit: @Stylebender - Twitter]

Bert Kreischer had a memorable encounter during his comedy show in New Zealand as attendees were treated to a surprise appearance from Israel Adesanya.

During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Kreischer recalled a joke about claiming that he could beat Adesanya if they both drank 12 beers and entered the octagon.

He then mentioned that he was shocked to see the reigning UFC middleweight champion appear at his comedy show:

"That motherf***er rolls up to my show in New Zealand and first of all he's way bigger than you think, he's way bigger than you think...And the first thing he does, Joe, is he grabs my arm to like dab me up and he throws a knee, and he grabs me by the back of the neck and goes, 'You still think you could f**k me up?' And I'm like, 'I'm so sorry.'"

The stand-up comedian then complimented 'Izzy' for the way he treated everybody that he interacted with that night. He mentioned that the middleweight champion was generous with his time and was a down to earth and humble person, saying:

"He treated everyone as if he wasn't the middleweight champion of the world. He treated them as if he was just some guy that was into comic books and into anime. And he met Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite, was at my show and he geeked out."

Kreischer's experience shows that Adesanya hasn't changed since becoming more famous, which is positive to hear.

Dana White teases an announcement regarding Isarael Adesanya's next fight

There has been plenty of speculation as to who Israel Adesanya will be fighting after he regained his middleweight championship at UFC 287.

During his post-event press conference at UFC Vegas 73, Dana White mentioned that there is a plan in place for the middleweight champion's return to the octagon.

When asked by MMA Mania's Alex Behunin, he didn't reveal a specific date, but noted that an announcement can be expected:

"We'll make that announcement soon."

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