"Five rounds messes with Darren Till's head" - Chael Sonnen explains theory regarding Darren Till's recent losing streak and what he can do to come back stronger

Chael Sonnen (left) and Darren Till (right)
Chael Sonnen (left) and Darren Till (right)

Chael Sonnen believes that part of the reason Darren Till is currently 1-4 in his last few fights is due to them being scheduled for five rounds as opposed to three.

'The American Gangster' says that despite every UFC fight card containing at least one five-round fight, only a handful of fighters are truly able to handle the mental and physical toll of the championship rounds. Sonnen feels that Till may not be part of the "five-round club."

'The American Gangster' released a video on his YouTube channel discussing the dynamics of the Scouser's situation. Sonnen explained how five-round fights may not work for Till:

"Now I have my own opinion, I believe five rounds messes with Darren Till's head. The five-round club is very rare, and I think we take it for granted."

'The American Gangster' then continued by offering up his advice on how 'The Gorilla' could bounce back positively, citing his performance against the dangerous Kelvin Gastelum in the Liverpudlian's first fight at middleweight:

"He [Till] had his mind on five other things. I'm tired, how's this weight class, who's my next opponent, what's gonna happen from here. He was distracted, and he put on what I believe was his best performance. Being distracted is very helpful for certain guys."

Watch the video below from 3:50:


Chael Sonnen thinks that the best thing for Till would be to distract himself and not focus on anything specific. He believes this will allow 'The Gorilla' to reach his full potential.

Chael Sonnen believes Bo Nickal will fight Dricus du Plessis and not Darren Till

Chael Sonnen seems to think that Bo Nickal's UFC debut will take place at UFC 282, and his opponent will be rising South African prospect Dricus du Plessis.

Darren Till was originally scheduled to fight du Plessis, but 'The American Gangster' doesn't think the fight will take place. Chael Sonnen believes that UFC 282 will be the perfect occasion for Nickal to make his debut as it takes place in Las Vegas and also happens to be a pay-per-view card:

"Bo Nickal vs. Dricus du Plessis for Bo's first time in the UFC December 10... I've been telling you as calmly and for as long as I can, Dricus du Plessis and Darren Till isn't going to happen. I will continue to tell you that until I'm right. But as I look at the card and Bo Nickal right now is scheduled for an undercard. Now you gotta understand that this is Vegas and this is pay-per-view."

Watch the video below from 0:20:


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