"Jon has headlined a lot of cards that nobody watched" - Chael Sonnen explains how Jon Jones' dominance affected his drawing power

Chael Sonnen (left), Image credit: youtube/chaelsonnen; Jon Jones (right)
Chael Sonnen (left), Image credit: youtube/chaelsonnen; Jon Jones (right)

Chael Sonnen recently spoke about Jon Jones and explained how the latter's dominance has affected his drawing power.

Responding to a Twitter fan question, Sonnen detailed why Jones' numbers could remain the same even if he moves up to the heavyweight division.

Speaking of 'Bones' in his most recent episode of Beyond the Fight, Chael Sonnen said:

"You will have plenty of people to think he's going to lose each one, even if he wins the first two; going into third, you will have enough people that can create enough conversation and your mind will wander to a place of speculation, which you must have in the fight business. The sport of fighting doesn't require, call for, qualify for that or require that rather. The business survives on it. But Jon Jones vs. Ngannou, Jon Jones vs. Gane, Jon Jones vs. Stipe, they are three very different fights. If Jon Jones gets through those three fights, he's back in the same place he was at 205 [weight class]. He was the king, everything's in the rear view. Jon has healined a lot of cards that nobody watched. I don't know about any champion who has ever headlined more shows and sold less tickets than Jon."

Sonnen also claimed that because Jones was so dominant in the UFC's light heavyweight division, no one would watch his fights, resulting in fewer tickets being sold. 'The American Gangster' believes that 'Bones' may face the same issue again in the heavyweight division.

Watch Chael Sonnen on his recent episode of Beyond the Fight below:


Chael Sonnen thinks Jon Jones will have trouble booking fights

Chael Sonnen gave his input on whether or not Jon Jones will be booked while he is in the legal hot seat.

Sonnen explained the difficulties Jon Jones may face if he attempts to fight for the heavyweight title. 'The American Gangster' based his opinion on his own experience with legal issues while competing.

Sonnen said:

"Historically speaking, I cannot name anyone for you who has ever... had a legal anything hanging over them publicly that got booked… I can tell you firsthand when I went through it, exactly what they said. 'We are not booking you until this gets resolved.'"

Jon Jones' legal problems may jeopardize his future heavyweight prospects. The heavyweight championship will be contested at UFC 270 on January 22, 2022. Meanwhile, 'Bones' is due to appear before the court on January 30, 2022.

Watch the full clip of Beyond the Fight below:


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