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Chael Sonnen explains why thinking Jake Paul could beat Ben Askren is stupid

Jake Paul (above left); Ben Askren (below left); Chael Sonnen (right)
Jake Paul (above left); Ben Askren (below left); Chael Sonnen (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 25 Dec 2020, 03:15 IST

Jake Paul beating Ben Askren doesn't seem like the likeliest outcome of their fight, at least that's the view of MMA legend Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen believes that it is by no means a given that Jake Paul beats Ben Askren in their upcoming professional boxing match.

Insinuating that the combat sports world may be overestimating Jake Paul’s fighting skills due to his spectacular KO win over Nate Robinson, Sonnen explained that Ben Askren is a lifelong martial artist and highly accomplished professional fighter; Robinson, meanwhile, is a former NBA player.

Chael Sonnen suggests that Ben Askren is a world-class fighter who’s more than capable of beating Jake Paul

On an episode of Beyond the Fight (Courtesy: Chael Sonnen YouTube channel), Chael Sonnen spoke about how many in the MMA community believe that Jake Paul beating Ben Askren is the likeliest outcome of their boxing match. Chael Sonnen stated:

“Having the debate of who could win is a very good thing. I don’t look to close the book on that. I look to speak to the stupidity that is that.”
“Listen to what people are saying. They believe (Jake) Paul is going to beat (Ben) Askren. You have in Askren an Olympian. You have in Askren a world champion in two different organizations, in two different weight classes. A two-time NCAA champion recognized with the highest honors of the Hodge trophies. You have a real athlete, who by the way took a knee the last time that you saw him from the BMF. So we’re now left with the falling Ben Askren as opposed to the other 18 times that he went out there and did it perfectly – the Olympic teams, two different NCAA seasons, the undefeated record, the Bellator champion, the One FC champion; it’s just like it never happened.”
“Alright, I get how the game works. But your argument is that Paul, a YouTube sensation who went and trained hands for a few months, can somehow beat a lifelong world-class athlete who is going to go and train hands for a few months.”
“I mean do you see where your argument has massive problems. Your argument is that Paul who is a legit tough guy – and I am with you on that. Paul is a tough guy; plays a nerd on YouTube (but) he is a tough guy and he clearly works hard. He has some real skills. I agree with you. But you’re now saying that a world-class athlete who’s now going to go and do the same thing that he did, which is work on his hands for a few months (will lose to Paul) – Do you see the problem and the foolishness in your thought?” (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

The American Gangster noted that Jake Paul is a YouTube star and a legitimate tough guy. Sonnen added, however, that Ben Askren is a world-class athlete. He believes that Jake Paul is by no means the favorite to win the fight, although many in the MMA community are picking Paul to beat Askren.


Jake Paul is reportedly scheduled to face Ben Askren in a professional boxing bout on March 28th, 2021, in Los Angeles, California.

Published 25 Dec 2020, 03:15 IST
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