Jake Paul takes aim at Conor McGregor and the UFC again in latest troll video

(Image Credit: MMA Mania)
(Image Credit: MMA Mania)

Jake Paul has posted another video on Twitter aimed at trolling Conor McGregor and other major figures involved with the UFC.

The minute-long video consisted of Jake Paul acting like different people involved in the UFC. Everyone he made fun of is someone who has commented on the Conor McGregor and Jake Paul scenario.

So far, no one has taken a bite of his bait, and he can't seem to get a fight. Jake Paul clearly made the video to get under the skin of the fighters and hopefully score a fight.

There were a lot of people he made fun of in the clip and it started with what appears to be Nate Diaz. Jake Paul went on to make fun of Dillon Danis and the toilet paper stunt, as well as Dana White and Conor McGregor.

Surprisingly, Jake didn't dwell too long on McGregor, choosing instead to focus on the people around him. The clip itself is called "MMA Chronicles Part 1" on Twitter, so there may be another version of this soon.

How the community have reacted to Jake Paul's trolling

Jake Paul's stunts to try to get a fight set up have caused a stir on social media. Many people find it ridiculous and don't believe Conor will ever fight Jake, regardless of the money offered.

Many have also called out Jake Paul for simply wanting attention and trying to make a payday out of his fights. That's probably not wrong, but most major fighters in this era use trash talk to build attention around their fights, or to have a better chance at the fights they want. Conor McGregor was known for doing the same thing Jake Paul is doing now.

It's also possible that Jake wanted to try and get his own major fight as fast as possible, with his brother Logan set to fight Floyd Mayweather in February 2021. Either way, Jake Paul has certainly received attention and made some splashes in the community.

According to Chael Sonnen, Jake may be set to fight Ben Askren in March, and then Dillon Danis afterward. Ben Askren was also briefly featured in Jake Pauls' troll Twitter video. Ben then posted a clip on Twitter accepting a fight against the YouTuber.

What comes next is uncertain as of no

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