Chael Sonnen praises Joe Rogan for apology video relating to Spotify controversy - " It was a grand slam"

Joe Rogan (left) and Chael Sonnen (right) [Photos via]
Joe Rogan (left) and Chael Sonnen (right) [Photos via]
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Chael Sonnen is of the opinion that Joe Rogan has masterfully handled the backlash against him and his platform Spotify.

The controversial podcaster recently issued an apology as Spotify faces mounting pressure to remove the Joe Rogan Experience podcast from its library. Although Sonnen was hesitant to call Rogan's statement an apology, the multi-time UFC title challenger believes the 54-year-old did a brilliant job of addressing the issue.

In a recent episode of his YouTube show, Sonnen stated:

"Joe used the word in this apology/explanation three times. He used the word 'conversation' but I want you guys to hear it 300 times. Because it was the entire point Joe was trying to make. And Joe made it very effectively which is: 'I'm having a conversation. I am not determining anything. I am not an expert in this space. Whatever opinions and/or conclusions I come to, I don't even share. I just have a conversation.' That's important that you take that away because if you're still mad at Joe Rogan, that's the part you missed. It was a grandslam."

Chael Sonnen chimes in on the Rogan-Spotify issue:


Sonnen added that people misunderstood the concept of Rogan's show. 'The American Gangster' stressed that the popular podcast should be regarded as entertainment rather than a source of information.

Chael Sonnen believes Joe Rogan is a victim of the political divide in the U.S.

Chael Sonnen thinks the pushback on Rogan has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. The retired MMA star is convinced the podcast host will still be criticized even if he stays away from pandemic-related issues. Sonnen said:

"The problem that Joe has... Joe's a very smart guy but I don't know if Joe knows this has nothing to do with the pandemic. If Joe never said the word 'coronavirus' or he swore on a stack of bibles to never say it moving forward, Joe is going to be in the same spot. One has nothing to do with the other."

Sonnen then explained that Rogan was caught up between the political dichotomy in the United States. Rogan, of course, has stated in the past that he has no affiliation with either of the most powerful political parties in the U.S.

Listen to Rogan's apology here:

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