Chael Sonnen says Conor McGregor is a "very problematic" matchup for Charles Oliveira

L-R: Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor, and Charles Oliveira [Photo credit: @thenotoriousmma in IG]
L-R: Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor, and Charles Oliveira [Photo credit: @thenotoriousmma in IG]
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Chael Sonnen is convinced that Conor McGregor could be a nightmare stylistic matchup for reigning UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.

McGregor and Oliveira recently started a rivalry after the latter's successful title defense at UFC 269. Although McGregor has no business competing in a title fight anytime soon, Oliveira is seemingly willing to let the Irishman cut the championship queue. However, Sonnen believes that could be a terrible idea for 'Do Bronx.'

During an episode of his YouTube show, 'The American Gangster' argued:

"If there's anybody that Conor [McGregor] is likely to beat to become the world champion, it is the sitting champion right now. Charles Oliveira-Conor McGregor is a fascinating matchup. It is very problematic for Oliveira. Conor McGregor is as good of a striker as this sport has ever seen. Oliveira is a very dynamic striker who showed some real wrestling prowess in a couple of contests but in other contests, didn't."

Chael Sonnen weighs in on a potential Charles Oliveira vs. Conor McGregor bout:


For what it's worth, McGregor has shown time and again that he's capable of putting his opponents away early in the fight. Meanwhile, Oliveira struggled in the opening moments of his two title bouts, only to mount come-from-behind victories in the ensuing rounds.

Chael Sonnen: UFC could put Justin Gaethje on hold in favor of Charles Oliveira vs. Conor McGregor title fight

UFC head honcho Dana White declared Justin Gaethje the top contender for the lightweight strap after Charles Oliveira's successful title defense against Dustin Poirier last month.

However, Chael Sonnen believes it's reasonable to assume that Conor McGregor could leapfrog Gaethje into title contention. During the December 31st episode of his YouTube show, Sonnen said:

"There's a story going round around... that Conor McGregor is going to return right into a title fight with Charles Oliveira. To support that story is a guy who has a say in this called Charles Oliveira. Charles said, 'Justin Gaethje, you've done everything right and it's no disrespect but step aside, I'm getting my red panty night.' Okay, well, we have to listen to the champion of the world."

He added:

"We don't wanna disrespect Justin Gaethje but put that on hold. Oliveira gets to do what's best for him and he's made it very clear that he will push the number one contender aside, whoever the hell it is."

Watch the full video below:


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