They've been oddly nice to each other on social media - Chael Sonnen speculates if Nate Diaz's new promotion plans on signing Francis Ngannou

Chael Sonnen (left), Francis Ngannou (center), & Nate Diaz (right) [Photo credit: Bellator MMA on YouTube | ufc on Instagram]
Chael Sonnen (left), Francis Ngannou (center), & Nate Diaz (right) [Images via Bellator MMA on YouTube and @ufc on Instagram]

Chael Sonnen theorized that Francis Ngannou could become the franchise star of Nate Diaz's new promotion.

Before his exit from the UFC, Diaz announced that he'd be launching Real Fight Inc. – a combat sports organization that will feature MMA, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu events.

The way Sonnen sees it, Ngannou – possibly the most sought-after potential free agent in MMA – is the perfect signee to give Real Fight Inc. a much-needed boost out of the gate. The UFC veteran also speculated that Diaz and Ngannou might already be in talks:

"Somebody, somewhere is thinking about, right now, 'Who's the best guy?' and they're looking at records – Francis Ngannou is your guy," Sonnen said on Beyond the Fight. "And Francis Ngannou and Nate Diaz have been oddly nice to each other on social media as of late."

A major concern with signing with a startup promotion is that there won't be any notable heavyweights for Ngannou to fight. However, Sonnen thinks that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 'The American Gangster' added:

"Don't forget your number one job, if you're a prize fighter, if you're the earner for the family, your number one job is to take the easiest fight for the most money every single time you can. So imagine if somebody came to the table and they have a couple of million bucks for Francis?"

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Francis Ngannou endearingly calls Nate Diaz a 'psychopath'

Francis Ngannou previously revealed how he feels about Nate Diaz. Asked to describe the Stockton native during an interview on his personal YouTube channel, the UFC heavyweight champion said:

"Nate Diaz? Man, I don’t know how to describe Nate Diaz. I think he’s just a psychopath, he’s just crazy. He doesn’t give a s**t about anything. I love that part of him, you know, he’s just there to fight, have fun, doesn’t care if he wins or if he loses. He just wants to have fun, enjoy, and nobody would tell him what to do. He does exactly what he wants to do, and that’s it. Doesn’t care at all."

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Ngannou and Diaz find themselves in a similar position after fighting out their UFC contracts. The welterweight superstar made it clear that he will pursue opportunities outside the octagon.

'The Predator' recently confirmed that the UFC is yet to extend a new offer following the end of his previous contract.

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