"Colossally bad take from Josh Thomson" - Fans berate Bellator 286 commentator after he insists Aaron Pico should have been allowed to continue with broken clavicle

Josh Thomson (left) and Aaron Pico (right)
Josh Thomson (left) and Aaron Pico (right)

Josh Thomson believes Aaron Pico should have been allowed to fight after suffering a broken clavicle.

Pico took on Jeremy Kennedy in a featherweight bout at Bellator 286. The fight ended on an anti-climactic note as Pico suffered a broken clavicle and the fight was stopped. Kennedy was declared the winner by TKO via a shoulder injury.

The referee waves off the fight with @AaronPicoUSA unable to continue.#Bellator286 is LIVE on @SHOsports.

Josh Thomson stated that according to him, the officials should have let the 26-year-old fighter go on even after suffering the injury.

Thomson's words did not sit well with MMA fans, who went on to criticize the former UFC fighter on social media.

One Twitter user tagged 'The Punk's take as "colossally bad."

“'I don’t understand why they stopped it. Aaron Pico was ready to fight.' Colossally bad take from Josh Thomson. Holy shit."

Check out the tweet below:

“I don’t understand why they stopped it. Aaron Pico was ready to fight.”Colossally bad take from Josh Thomson. Holy shit. #Bellator286

Another individual called Thomson's statement absurd and questioned as to why he was still employed by Bellator MMA.

Josh Thomson: "Im not a doctor but you have to let the fighter fight. Aaron Pico has been thru this plenty of times."None of that is true. Aaron Pico has never fought an mma fight with a broken clavicle. That is absurd, how is Thomson employed

Jay Pettry criticized Thomson, saying 'The Punk' had the "worst take imaginable take." Pettry also argued that fighter safety should be paramount in MMA.

Josh Thomson with the worst possible take imaginable, saying that Pico should have been allowed to continue without being able to raise his left arm above his shoulder. Fighter safety >>> all else, and it's not up for debate. #Bellator286

One person argued that if allowed to continue, Pico's injury could have gotten worse.

Bro is Josh Thompson drunk. What do you mean let him continue??...Pico doesn't have full mobility in his shoulder...coming from a guy with the same injury that shit would've been mangled if Pico over extended himself...Optically it looked like shit 2 🙄 #Bellator286

A few more tweets from fans in response to Thomson's statement can be seen below:

Josh Thomson: “I don’t know why they stopped the fight. Aaron Pico never looked to get out of the fight” WHAT #Bellator286
“I don’t know why they would stop it, Aaron Pico was ready to fight” - Josh ThomsonShut up!!! You don’t even spell your last name correctly
Is Josh Thomson seriously arguing that Pico should be allowed to continue with one arm? Moron #Bellator286
Josh Thomson really isn't making a good case that Aaron Pico should've been allowed to continue fighting. #Bellator286
Josh Thompson is a clown. He claimed the Aaron Pico fight shouldn't of been stopped by the doctor. Also to hell with Bellator bc then we had to watch a modified version of "Weighing In" with Thompson & Big John going back & forth about the injury. #Bellator286

Josh Thomson was KO'd by Aaron Pico in sparring

Josh Thomson was scheduled to take on Michael Chandler at Bellator 154. During preparations for that fight, 'The Punk' was knocked out by Aaron Pico while sparring.

Due to the knockout, Thomson had to pull out of the fight against Chandler. Thomson competed only once more after the incident and then announced his retirement from the sport.

Taking this incident into consideration, Thomson's statement that Aaron Pico should have continued fighting after suffering the shoulder injury came off as even more bizarre.

Thomson's comments also do not come out of ignorance or lack of knowledge about the sport.

The 45-year-old had a fairly long MMA career which consisted of 22 wins, 9 losses and 1 no contest. During his active years, 'The Punk' competed in multiple renowned organizations like the UFC, Bellator MMA, Strikeforce and Pride.

Thomson went up against several prominent fighters like Gilbert Melendez, Yves Edwards, Clay Guida, Nate Diaz, Benson Henderson, Bobby Green, Tony Ferguson, Duane Ludwig and Patricky Pitbull.

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