"Could be mat burn" - Fans react to concerning close up of Paulo Costa's foot

Paulo Costa mde some fans concerned on Twitter (insert) regardsing his foot. [Image credit: Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa mde some fans concerned on Twitter (insert) regardsing his foot. [Image Courtesy: Paulo Costa's Insatgram, @JustinHerronUFC and @UFC_AUSNZ on Twitter]

The MMA community has been at its wit's end in trying to figure out what's going on with Paulo Costa's foot. The heated debate came on the heels of 'Borrachinha' doing his pre-fight media photoshoot for UFC 302 this weekend. During the press shoot, Costa, who is set to face Sean Strickland in a three-round contest, was made to wear just his UFC ring gear.

This revealed much of his lower body, allowing the internet to notice a weird contusion-like spot on his foot. One X user, who goes by King Bobby, noticed something peculiar with the Brazilian's foot, saying:

"Costa actually might have staph wtf 💀"

Fans are reacting in various ways to the photo in the comments section.

For those who are unaware, staph infection is a common grappling injury where athletes suffer skin infection due to unsanitary mats and exchanging sweat with others regularly. It seems, though, that the most popular opinion on the matter is that the lesion on the Brazilian's foot is nothing but mat burn, not a staph infection. For Costa's sake, we hope this is true.

Fans like @LunatikUK, @hasskoo, and @MonachusRex agreed on this, saying:

"Thats definitely mat burn lmao"
"Prob just mat burn, I have that exact same wound right now looks the same".
"looks bad but could be mat burn."

Check out some of the more notable comments:

Fan comments on Paulo Costa's foot. [Image credit: @JustinHerronUFC on X]
Fan comments on Paulo Costa's foot. [Image credit: @JustinHerronUFC on X]

Meanwhile, there was one interesting theory, proposed by X user Hunter Harms, that would be worthy to look out for once Costa locks horns with Sean Strickland this weekend. He said:

"maybe bros been practicing shooting single legs 😂 take Sean by surprise"

It might sound like he's joking, but this fan may know what he's talking about. Shooting for takedown often causes some chaffing on an athlete's foot as it requires them to glide on the mats for smoother execution.

This is purely speculation, of course, but if this is true, then Costa may be tapping into his BJJ blackbelt against Strickland, who is predominantly a striker. This, to say the least, is a very sensible strategy against the former UFC middleweight kingpin.

It's an interesting thought and it's certainly a fresh look to see Costa leaning more on his wrestling, instead of his KO power.

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