Dana White helps NFL star Taylor Lewan win $60K in blackjack 

Dana White and Taylor Lewan gambling
Dana White and Taylor Lewan gambling

Dana White recently helped NFL star Taylor Lewan win $60k in blackjack. The UFC president is an avid gambler and his love for gambling is widely known in the MMA community.

White recently started collaborating with a number of creators for some gambling sessions, most notably with the Nelk Boys and Adin Ross. He did the same recently when he sat down to play blackjack with NFL star Taylor Lewan.

In a video uploaded to Bussin' With The Boys' YouTube channel, Taylor Lewan and Dana White sat down to play high-stakes blackjack. While the NFL star was down almost $50k at one point, he ended up walking away with a $60k profit with the help of the UFC president.

After winning $60k in blackjack, Taylor Lewan said:

"Down 40 at one point I typically had a 50 thousand dollars out at one point. Just crazy dude, I will never gamble without Dana, I will never until tomorrow when he's gone."

Watch Dana White help Taylor Lewan will $60k below (7:15):


Why was the UFC president Dana White banned from the Palms Casino?

As mentioned earlier, White is an avid gambler and has a long history of placing high-stakes bets and winning large amounts of money. So much so that he has won up to $7 million on a single night of gambling.

However, Dana White's high-stakes gambling style has led to him being banned from a number of casinos in Las Vegas. Back in 2019, the UFC president revealed that he was banned from the Palms Casino after he won $1.6 million on a single night.

While suggesting that Palms is not the only place where he can't gamble in Las Vegas, the UFC president said:

"I beat them for $1.6 million and as soon as the Palms sold, the people who came in asked me to stop playing there. So I left, then it sold again... I can go there for dinner and stuff like that but I can't play. There's a few places in town that I can't I play, that I can't play at... Listen, Vegas is all about losing not winning man. They don't like people who fu*king win."

Watch White talk about the casino blacklisting him in the video below (7:55)


It is worth noting that the Palms resort and casino is now owned by the former owners of the UFC, the Fertitta brothers. This has enabled White to gamble at the Palms again.

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